Beards. Yes or no

Just out of interest really, ive beening growing mine for about 6 months now, and the OH is demanding i shave it off as she prefers me to be clean shaven, it wasnt a full on santa claus beard but none the less tis a beard.

what are your thoughts ladies, yes to a beard or no ?

Some will say yes some will say no. This is the way of the world

Lol Subby so true.

I'm happy however they come, just not a big bushy beard for me.


C'mon Sub. Maybe a large potion will say yes. It's a fair question to ask.
My oh likes me with a neat beard but I'm not keen. Sometimes I grow it to please her(think she has a fantasy about someone with a beard) but then I just fancy a good clean shave at times.

Has to be clean shaven for me xx

Not keen on great big ZZ Top style beards , prefer the stubbly look . My OH has stubble that varies in length depending on whether he can be bothered to sort it out!
So I'd say long beards no but shortish maybe, depends who's wearing it ;)

Personally, no. I have noticed quite a lot of guys with big bushy beards lately. At first I thought the Taliban were recruiting in my area until I noticed the hipster dress sense. Any thing beyond two days growth is enough for me. Guys with bushy beards start to resemble Mr. Twit before too long.

Beards all the way. Tidy beards, big beards, styled beards, not fussy, beards are awesome.

I like my OH with a short beard but he's the only guy I like with one...

tell you OH to f*** off you like it }:)

Yes please! I love my hubbys beared and hate it when he shaves. Although i will say when its stubble (and even i find stubble attractive) it just hurts in uh sensitive places...

Yes,yes,yes!Big yes to beards.I find them attractive and masculine. And clean shaven faces remind me of babies..not sexy.

depends on who ....

On my oh i don't care either way hes doesn't shave regularly hell have a shave then leave it for a few weeks before hell do it again hes lazy an hates shaving lol

Sexy stubble all the way. A little bit of roughness adds something... ;)

No i hate facial hair!

I definitely say yes to beards! There's always a little part inside of me that breaks when I see my OH has shaved; I think he's okay with the fact that I like him with facial hair as it means he has to shave less.

I'm okay with him trimming, but straight after it's trimmed, the hair can irritate my skin. :(

Don't like beards, and I don't like how it's now so overrated.

They do not feel nice at all on my lady parts, they're unhygienic, and they don't look nice. I know a lot of women love them, but I personally just can't see the appeal at all.

Not for me, not on someone i have a romantic/sexual relationship with. I grew up with male role figures who had beards

Whatever he prefers. I like both and it seems like basic respect.