Been conned :(

I am fuming, I met a guy who seemed to be a brilliant man but turned out to be a con artist and liar.

He is from essexs, claims to be extremely financially well and has a very high s*x drive.

Anyway, after a while of getting to know him (told me stories about why he has their 10 month old son thomas, due to his ex being sectioned, a previous marriage which ended up in the wife passing away, his father passing away and leaving him very welathy and how he can't trust no one, yabber yabber yabber), I thought I was onto a winner but today, today has been the bombshell really. I found out he is a conartist and that he tried taking a fair bit of money from my account , this morning (stil trying to work out how he got my details).

I'm not the only one, it seems. Apparently, he has a habit of convincing women to do things on cam for him and he'll pay, to which he never does (this part i didn't do).

Police have matched his name up as a 'known alias, with the same location and dealings'. So hopefully, he gets punished for his doings.

Just annoys me there are people out there, who do this for the frill, hope karma kicks you in the arse!

omg thats so bad, i dnt get how people could do that to someone! sorry u went through that hun x

ty hun xx it's with the old bill now

hopefully they catch him and stop him doing it again! like u said karma can be a b*tch... he'l get what he deserves .. eventually

AAAwwww Blueeyes82, I really feel for you! I hope he get conned 20 time harder!

Have you meet him in real life or just over the internet?

If only the internet he may have installed a keylogger on your computer to record all your keystrokes! usernames,passwords,card detials are their best friend! if you have brought anything from the internet when you meet him then the keylogger it might be! have your computer checked out for Spyware and viruses too just to be safe or better hand it over to the police for them to check it!

And change passwords etc too!

Yes con men make out to be the victim all the time! to get you to open up and exploit you! but when he was asking girls to strip on the web cams! he may want to use that to imitatiate them and blackmail the girls too strip naked or he use that to tell her "friends or parents"!!

I hope they catch him, I am sending some (Hugs)

I met him via the net, then in person. Good call on the keylogger thing, i'll run a virus check.

I hope he gets caught or he gets what's coming to him, cus it's purely evil

I'm really sorry Blueeyes, that's horrid. I hope he gets what he deserves.

SS xx

Re the keylogger thing you might want to download MalwareBytes off the net and run a full scan with that.

so an update, the male gives a fake name, this we know but are unaware of his real name. However, the female involved slipped up and gave he her real name, instead of an alias, which means the police can now act

Yes another idea to do, is right click the "start bar" and the select the task manager then when that opens, you should check the "CPU usage" under performace tab. make sure you have no promgram running like internet, of music etc, the CPU should use about 2% to 5% but if this is rising up and down like 11% or more this "could" be spyware using the CPU power to monitor you keystrokes or take screenshots and sent them back to him by e-mail!

ooh If you met him in person, he might of been in your bag to write down you card details too, I hope the bank has got involed and sent you a new card!

Of course another good thing to do, if this guy love cams try checking every gift his has giving you, like teddy,clocks,or an odd item in the room try checking it for a hidden camera too! if he has touch your smoke alarm etc there 3G camera that look like smoke alarms too! check to see if it has been changed to a spy camera test it by smoke :)

But one keylogger comes in a form of a hardware too, in plugs in the back of the computer by USB, then the keyboard is then plugged into the keylogger! but this is £200 worth device, but software can be free from the internet! but worth a check!

Sorry to hear that Blueeyes - hope he gets what he deserves.

so do i, talk about a major hit to my confidence, too :(

Sounds a bad experience.........hope it doesnt put you off guys........we ain't all bad.

What goes around....he'll come unstuck I hope

:) i just feel deflated, maybe a good night's kip will sort me out

Sorry to hear that Blue eyes.. what a jerk.. hope he gets his comeuppance!

Another story that romance scams use is the claim that he's on active duty in the military and has a young child being raised back home by gran (he's widowed of course). At some point gran needs money for an emergency involving the kid, but mr perfect can't get it to her in time. He'll pay it back right away of course....

Plenty of info on romance scams on the net, just do a search. These aren't random jerks. They're professionals.

Since the police are involved with this one, maybe they'd do the software checks and make sure your computer is clean? If the scammer is using keylogging or other software, they'd want to know.

A friend of mine almost fell for that scam Rosehip, said he was widowed and needed school fees for his son in boarding school, she almost did it til she told me, cos she knew I was chatting to a genuine squaddie out in Afghan at the time and she wanted to ask some questions... Bloody glad she did...

But as RH says they are professionals who do this a lot. I know it's hard to take, something like this happening, but least it didn't cos you any money. Hopefully the Police will get this sorted, cos it is unusual for scammers to actually meet people, it's all usually online. They are extremely skilled at what they do unfortunately...

my laptop is clean, thank god!

My old 'friend with benefits', popped round to see me today as he heard what had happened. Said to cheer me up, he has bought me some fluffy handcuffs, a blind fold and a vibrating dildo............made me smile!

wow Blueeyes82, two things, what a bastard for being like that to you. and secondly wow very luck you with fwb like that! did you both have fun!?!

he's no longer a 'fwb', as he is taken but he knew what makes me smile lol