Best Move

Does anyone have what they consider to be their best move during sex or foreplay?

Going down on her - there's just no situation that this doesn't work out in :)

No i don't think so but he says my blow jobs get better and better so maybe that's my thing.

Depends on the person your with and what they like so no i dont really have a best move.

Um.. Depends on the person but for my man it's my upside down blowjob that I'd say is my best move drives him crazy! :) xx

I got the moves like Jagger.....

I agree going down on her always heats things up.

Yeam, my tongue is my secret weapon (well it was until i told yous all) haha

I'd be the same - my mouth and tongue are definitely my number one 'sex move'

Being sensible now... Yes same here my mouth and tongue...

According to the ex I give the best blow job he's ever had...... and he's had a lot lol

Seems we're all pretty orally gifted ;)

MissChar wrote:

Um.. Depends on the person but for my man it's my upside down blowjob that I'd say is my best move drives him crazy! :) xx

I've seen you mention this a lot and curiosity has now get the better of me - what is an upside blow job?

id say that my fingers are my best

Lol I love it I learnt about it off a Louis Theroux documentary haha! I've done it a couple ways from lazy to very athletic if that makes sense. But i think the easiest way i like bend backwards off the bed with my hands either on the floor or holding my partner to pull him into me. For some reason it makes me able to take it a lot deeper easily and it's really fun lol. X

ps I don't know if it has a proper name or whatever but that's what me an oh call it :)

pps you definitely just snapped me, I always ask the same questions on the games! X

Oh I get you now, so you lie on you back on the bed and he stands up next to it

all makes sense now, sounds like an interesting documentary

Yeah although I'm usually more off the bed I think. Like a half bridge :) I've also done like a head stand on the bed though, and done it bent backwards tied into a wardrobe with him standing on something. I don't know if any of that makes sense lol. Hard to describe but you get the gist!

haha it was just about a brothel in the states, I love all his docos though! Xx

Wow are you a gymnast or something?

yeah his stuff is cool, makes me think my life is rather dull when I see his stuff

No I'm not a gymnast I have bad back flexibility too from a cheer accident ages ago. But I just am enthusiatic haha! :)

Blow job works wonders every time

Sam here, blow job!