Best Toy For Female & Male Couple Penetration

Looking for suggestions to what toy works well to incorporate into male female penetrative sex. We’ve been trying with a few toys we already have to bring some clitoral stimulation to the party as that’s the way my partner reaches her O most of the time. The head of the rabbit we have and the bullet don’t really do the job.

Is there anything that provides good clit sensations but doesn’t get in the way too much for couples? I’ve been looking at something like a slightly smaller wand or a clit toy like the womaniser.

Any help from those in the know would be great :slight_smile:

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I recommend this wearable vibrator. It’s a bit pricey but so worth it.
Wand etc also works very well but does require one of you to hold it, but still something we use regularly. The wevibe is handsfree so lots of fun to be had with that.

We’ve also used this cock ring with great results. Have fun!

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The vibrating cock ring that will be on her clit works good. I can put it on and she can just grind on me and cums quick.

The We-Vibe Melt is phenomenal and designed especially to fit between two bodies. It’s the same tech as Womanizer and wifey loves it. The Womanizer Pro40 also can be used with a penetrating partner, but it is bulkier and it’s not designed with that fit in mind.

We have not had good luck with cockring vibes (never really hit the spot) but have been able to use some bullet vibes (WeVibe Tango and Romp Beat are both good and rumbly and wife has used between us in missionary).

It’s all a little bit a matter of personal preference and anatomy of course - some women love a bullet right on their clit and it’s all they need, my wife has never cared much for direct vibration stimulation, preferring either a good rabbit or clit suction toy. Of course her go-to the other 6 days of the week is just to get in there with her fingers. But if it’s a toy day, it’s almost always the Melt, occasionally the Pro40 if we’re doing mutual masturbation and we don’t need the ergonomics.

My OH is in love with the clit sucker I bought her:
LH We-Vibe Melt

… in missionary lots of things get in the way. Wifey loves rolling onto her stomach and bending a leg (to give us both better access) - then she can toy away as I have fun too.

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I have to say as a person with a clit that the clit suckers on sale are on a different level to the usual vibrating toys.

They need to be used carefully as I find that they get me so sensitised occasionally that it’s almost painful if used full on without a slow build up. However, that said, if used slowly to get me towards orgasm, then once attached to my ‘love button’ and socking, I usually get an absolutely mind blowing orgasm.

I have this and would regularly leave it on my clit during penetrative missionary sex, my OH can also feel the vibrations at the same time, this has brought another dimension to our sex life

I would also suggest a wand or a clit sucker, i have also tried both of these and found them amazing. Another toy i have that has also added a whole new dimension to myself and my OHs sex life is using this during sex has stimulated both myself and my OH and i have had may amazing orgasms while using it
Hope these suggestions help.

@mrssaffa tell me more about the wearable vibrator. You’re using it during piv? So his penis and the vibrator in your vagina simultaneously- that sounds very fulfilling and something that might just fill me up! Like to be full! Do you climax quickly with it?

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Yep that’s right! The flat side on the smaller arm is the side his penis is against in piv. The raised bit goes against your g spot and it also vibrates.
The larger arm sits against your clitoris.

Yes definitely, we have been able to time a simultaneous climax much easier too. It’s a lot of fun!

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