Biggest turn on

Hi all, Just a bit of fun .... what is your turn on ? I will start I love when my OH starts kissing from my neck down my body whilst playing with my nipples , can’t resist it EVER when he does this .... X

Love my neck being nibbled then working down to my nipples and licking my thighs

AWB1955 - we most defiantly love the same ! Lol , it’s like speaking to another me ! Xx

Lovelylilbum I bet your oh loves watching you use toys lol

Lovelylilbum I am new on here I am thinking of getting them.on to take some pics so I can upload them to here.

Having my neck kissed and a few gentle bites, oh loves her hair being pulled and also my hand around her throat

AWB1955- what is it your planing on buying ?, xx D&E , your other half sounds like she is a lot of fun !, I think most of us woman love a little hair pulling and spanking sometimes xx

Yeah a few ex’s liked it aswel, she’s not massively into spanking which is a shame but sometimes when I’m a little over excited I can’t help but to give her arse a good old slap :)

Hi lovelylilbum just recently purchased this

D&E ! Sounds like a fab night !, I’m sure she loves it when in the moment ! X

Awb1955 That looks amazing ! I have ordered this Which arrived today so will sample this later ;) and let you know how it goes down ! Xx

No complaints as yet lovelylilbum, I just can’t help myself sometimes, something quite sexy about spanking, not sure what tho

lovelylilbum looks amazing have you purchased any toys I have

llovelylilbum This is what I had its amazing

D&E - oh wow ! Sorry to hear that ! I mean I can’t of course speak for most woman but only myself and there is nothing more thrilling then a spank when it isn’t expected... x AWB1955- I have :) - I have purchased these hun : Xx

AWB1995- I will have to try that !! Looks amazing xx

Biggest turn must be bondage on the wife make sure she's tied tight. Ummm great.

With Mr LNT on this one. I do indeed love bondage and we are currently exploring different things. I love the idea of breast bondage but unfortunately I am not blessed in the boob department which makes this a little difficult.

Sounds nice Mr LNT.

Husband knows I will always turn into a picture of complete compliance if he gives me a really hard (and I do mean really hard) whack on the rump with an open hand. Also him dragging his nails down my back and up my thighs always makes my mouth fall open.

Recently discovered that I gain complete control of my husband by licking and sucking his toes....he lays there completely blissed out and just lets out little whimpers, I love it.