Birthday Discount

The unlimited member benefit of 40% :grinning:

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Annnnd what did you buy? :gift: :shopping_cart:

Ooo I see what you meant sorry :see_no_evil: lots of fabulous lingerie and a womanizer, it is my birthday after all :laughing:


Wooooo you :woman_cartwheeling:

Unlimited customers got a 40% birthday discount (and a 25% ‘every day’ one). But that is finishing soon, and the new loyalty scheme takes over. I don’t know what the new %off for birthdays is though?


Do we know what discount we get on our birthdays yet? I looked on the link above and it doesn’t mention what discount we will receive.

It’s probably 25 or 30% but not sure.

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After trying to speak to a live human for 10 minutes straight I finally get through and its 20% discount.

is it worth waiting when I can get 15% right now.

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna, has the birthday discounts stopped? Because i haven’t recieved an email this year about it at all! :dotted_line_face:

Hey! :slight_smile: As far as I know it is still going, I suggest you drop Customer Care a message :smiley:

I didn’t receive an email about it this year either :frowning:

I didn’t get one either. I know I can’t really complain as I’ve had so many awesome discounts, testers and freebies over the years, but it did make me a little sad not to get one

I didn’t get mine either, for the second year :frowning:

I haven’t received mine either this year yet….

Would normally have received by now, so dropped a line to customer care yesterday…

Will wait and see!