Bloody UTI! :-(

This is going to be a long post (my first one too, sigh) Just need to let it out. I've been with my husband for 9 years and we have a 1 year old together. Sex was off the cards for about 7 months post birth as I was still healing from the birth , but we made an effort this week to reconnect again after a few painful attempts which put me off and the sex has been amazing this time (though I hope my OH could last longer which we're working on thanks to a few buys from LH).

My sex drive has gone through the roof and I've ended up with the dreaded urine infection.

I've suffered these ever since i became sexually active with OH 6 years ago which has put a damper on our sex life as I get so anxious about getting an infection so don't do it unless I know I can wee straight after. but was unlucky yesterday as despite drinking loads of water, I could barely go to the loo even after half an hour after we'd finished. I'm aware of all the measures to take to prevent UTI's but I've got a feeling there's something underlying causing the urine infection after sex. Apparently I have a narrow urethra (stricture) which I couldn't get sorted as I was pregnant shortly after the cystoscopy. I've got antibiotics now after a 4 hour wait at the walk-in centre. I just hope they work as Ive been resistant to some in the past.

Just wanted to know if anyone has reoccurrences too and if they found taking an antibiotic straight after sex prevented them from getting a UTI? I've tried everything and even suggested to the doctor way before I got pregnant if I could have antibiotics to keep so I didn't have to waste hours of my life for a prescription and she totally dismissed my request saying doctors don't do that. I'm going to make an appointment this week and have printed guidelines from the NHS website this time and won't leave the surgery until i get the antibiotics and a referral to widen the urethra (not sure how much that will help) . So fed up of this. Feel like my body hasn't been designed as well to deal with pregnancy, birth or fucking. looking for anyone with similar experiences and what helped them. Thanks for reading, don't mind if you run lol

I think I've had what must be close to ten in last 12 months, and I keep saying to my g.p that it can't be normal but they all just shrug it off.

it seems to be anything can set me off, if I have to go to toilet but am on the road for example and hold it until I get back, I can get one. If I don't drink enough, if I use a new brand of condom, or certain brands, if I have a bath, drink too much tea. Anything seems to set it off :(

a few years ago I was taking cranberry tablets, all the time and found that actually they did seem to help a bit at preventing me from getting them. I certainly got considerably less. i don't know why I stopped taking them.

my supervisor has told me about a cure that always works for her, where you get an unwaxed lemon, cut it into 8 slices and put it in a saucepan with a pint of water. Boil it all until the water is reduced to roughly half a pint. A mugs worth. Then drink it. Absolutely hideous but she said it works every time for her, and it's the acidity seems to get rid of it.

im giving it a go, because what's the harm (other than it tasting horrid) Id rather drink that and get rid of not being able to pee and the pain.

I I tried sweetening with a lot of sugar but think I'll try honey.

but she said you need to do it for a few days.

worth a shot for helping when you have one?

I've suffered on and off since I was about 8, my immune system was never good after cancer and chemo so I really sympathise with you as it's a horrible thing to have.

Its got worse over the last few years and ive tried everything. What was suggested to me like you said is taking anti biotics after sex and that actually worked! Touch wood I haven't had a flare up in a long while now but she also gave me it on prescription which I can get as long as I take a sample in.

If your dr won't do that the only thing I can offer is the cranberry tablets or

I used dmannose tablets for a while after they were suggested to me by a colleague. She swears they have made her better but I didn't stick them out for very long as we tried the anti-biotics solution.

I can understand the doctor now willing to do the request with antibiotics. Antibiotics can also cause issues with your body and you should really consult doctor before taking them.

For the lemon, I am trying to do something about my water retention issue and cleaning my body as whole and making sure my methabolism works. I do the following: Boil water, squeeze lemon out and put it into the water and drink it. And then give my body cca 30 min before I take my breakfast.

Seems to also work for me being sick, as it seems.

Cranberry juice or tablets also may help, but need to be taken regularly. I do not think it would work otherwise. But I think it works more for preventing or just bit lessening the UTI, rather than fully sorting one started.

I do not suffer from this, but I am sensitive to yeast infection, so I can feel your pain.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and for the advice! I will definitely try the lemons, must be way cheaper than buying sodium citrate sachets.

I do get into bad habits of holding my wee in but don't really get any infections through that. Just sex. I really feel for you all that have suffered. I didn't stick with cranberry tablets either so I'll start taking those again (better than nothing). I read that d-mannose only works if the infection contains e-coli? So I will try and find out when my sample results come back.

I understand where you're coming from about the antibiotics, Laveila. It doesn't feel right to take them long term and there must be a natural cure. I tried bicarb water too which would calm the burning down, but never really got rid of it, perhaps why I've almost given up finding natural things to try as I just want to get rid of the infection as soon as I realise I have it.

Didn't think I'd get replies so quick, I've only started visiting the forums a few days ago so thank you for making me feel welcome 😊

I'd really recommend d-mannose. I use the powder, and you can take a dose as a precaution when having sex. It's natural, and works by attracting the e-coli bacteria (over 90% of UTI's are e-coli based), then you just pee them out. Antibiotics take so much longer, because you're fighting the battle to kill the bacteria as they keep multiplying

So pleased d-mannose has worked for you. Do you mean you take the dose after sex, or daily too? I'm going to order some now

I take it daily if a UTI shows its ugly head (multiple times, I put it in my cups of tea, you can't taste it), and if I've just got rid of an infection, I'll take a dose straight after sex too as a precaution. You can take it before sex, but I don't always plan nookie

Okay, an "expert" here. My record is 13 prescriptions in a 12 month period.

I'd asked (and asked, and asked), as my trigger appears to be sex, too (though they can come from nowhere). I did come close once, being told by a female doc that I should have been given a daily low-dose, but I did quite a bit of research as, as someone else here has already pointed out, anti-biotics come with their own problems. Apparently, a low-dose seems to wear off after 3 months, leaving you needing increasing amounts.

I have immune issues and have recently been told that I should have a spare pack to hand at all times (self-service I think the nurse called it) - until a few years ago I always did, but then doctors were told not to do it. I used to take a sample when it started to send off for testing, start Trimethoprim, then wait for the results 5 days later where I would be told if I needed another type (I never did, it always did the trick).

Since they were withdrawn, two of my bladder infections have gone to my kidneys, causing really nasty infections that have needed ultra-high dose anti-biotics to keep my out of hospital!

Then, at the point where I was about to order the d-mannose, a lovely GUM doctor told me I should be double-voiding. Now, I pee, wipe, get up turn around, get on loo and pee again. And it always amazes me how much comes out with the second push. Ultrasound scans have since confirmed I'm not emptying my bladder properly.

Since doing this EVERY TIME (I sound like that money-saving bloke now!), I've been clear of infections - nearly 2 years. It's costing me a fortune in loo roll as I'm, in effect, going twice each time, but to avoid that truly awful pain, it's so worth it.

I feel your pain. I've tried it all. Cranberry juice and pills, barley water (that was the first "remedy" my mum tried me on when I was a kid - 40 years ago!), all the OTC stuff and a host of old wives' tales remedies, only double-voiding has worked. Plus, I assume, hygiene like washing before and after sex. I use a narrow jug with warm salt-water or a bit of tea tree oil and just whoosh it backwards while sitting at a back-tilted angle on the loo. I'm careful with soaps and gels etc. I love the sexy lingerie here, but unless it's crotchless, I have to be careful with the material and fit if it's thong-type.

If I know I'm up for some fun later, I'll drink to make sure my bladder is full enough to flush out before and after, too.

Good luck.

So sorry about your ordeal VR. Glad you've found a good method to empty your bladder, I must try that too as my bladder doesn't fully empty itself either when I had my scan. I was told to rock back and forth on the toilet seat to ensure emptying but never really felt anything by doing that. At least if i don't have to rely on antibiotics, I don't have thrush to look forward to straight after finishing the course. End up spending a fortune at the chemist.

Foxxy, where did you get your d-mannose powder from and do the tablets work the same? I suppose the powder is versatile but would like to know your reasons for choosing the powder.

Thank you so much everyone for the advice. Amazing how much info you can get from one thread. I've tried googling for years and never believed the claims. I hope this is the end of using antibiotics for a UTI

I've had 6 or 7 uti's since on op last July. The Dr is adamant I haven't as the tests are always clear but I know the feeling. Have had 4 lots of antibiotics, countless canisten sachets and more cranberry juice than you can imagine. Anything and everything seems to set it off, dehydration from not drinking enough or alcohol, certain underwear, sex... everything. Really feel for you, please just keep going to the doctor an insist they do something about it. This is ruining my life, was sent for a colposcopy and sti tests which came back clear so they keep telling me I'm fine 😢

I get mine from sweet cures. I get the powder cause it's easy to just stir it into a drink, and also because I sometimes give it to one of my cats that's prone to UTI's, and the powder is the easiest to give her. It's saved me a fortune in vets bills!

I hope you find a cure usedworkshoes. You sound like you've had a rough time with it too. It's really debilitating isn't it?

Thanks Foxxy, I've ordered the tablets so should be here for Tuesday. Hopefully they will work for me and I will definitely buy in bulk next time. The infection is clearing up with trimethoprim but I hope this is the last of it now.

Fingers crossed for you rainbowbaby, they're awful

Thanks Foxxy, I'll keep everyone posted xx

I've been taking 3 d-mannose tablets every 3 hours. This is my second day and think it's done a brilliant job considering the bacteria has had since Friday to multiply as the antibiotics were useless! I'm still taking them every 3 hours and my next order should arrive tomorrow. I'm going to reduce my dose down to 2 tablets every 3 hours on Friday and see where I go. Will be stockpiling. Thanks so much for the suggestions and if there's any extra tips with maintenance doses, I'd be very grateful x

That's great news! I think it's just about finding what works best for you regarding dosage. It's a natural sugar, which your body doesn't really retain, it just passes through. So I wouldn't take too much, purely because it's a waste, but I'd aim to be passing some out every time I go to the toilet, when you're still fighting the bulk of the infection. I'd say taking them as often, but dropping down to 2 then 1, would probably be the way to go

Dr Foxxy has spoken

Just thought I'd swing by an offer some hugs. I don't get UTIs that often, maybe 2-3 a year, but when I get them they are really bad. My first one, I didn't know what was going on and after not peeing at all for 5 days was taken to A+E and cathatised (Excuse the spelling) but it went wrong.

You have to be really careful with using antibiotics for a mediocre UTI, as the more you use them the more it'll become resilent and stop working.

My last one flared up the night before my trial nightshift as a care support person. It went from 0 to bad in a couple of hours, so bad I lost all control of my bladder. I'd only know I needed to pee because I was suddenly crying in pain and had wet myself! (I'm 22, and kinda freaked out a bit!) I got a round of antibiotics, but it went into my bladder and I started weeing blood, then into my kidneys. Some really nasty antibiotics later and it cleared up after a long time.

So I guess all I can say is try every route that is not antibiotics after sex each time, because you need to be able to fall back on them when it gets bad :)

Lol Sub, that makes me sound like I should be doing the Top 40 charts 😂