Body odour

Really need some advice, hope my fellow forum users can help!!

I've had a few dates with a guy, he's funny, cute and all that I'm looking for BUT he has really bad body odour 😔

He's hinted a few times that he'd like to come to mine and as much as I'd like that I don't want to keep getting whiffs of him when he's left.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can gently broach the subject of his BO?

Thanks in advance 💋☺

You could buy him a gift set of a nice aftershave and shower gel you like. Tell him you really like that smell and he'll be more likely to meet you wearing it.

When you're more comfortable with each other, you could also take a shower together. That should add to his cleanliness!

Some people just have really strong sweat and can't help but smell!

I am not sure there is a way to gently broach that subject!

With regards to coming back to yours, that could be a fairly easy one of 'oh I need a shower, care to join me?'. But it's not really a long term solution.

You could tell him there's a certain deodorant you sprayed in a shop and liked the smell of and would love/would be turned on if he wore? Possibly make a gift of said spray without making it a 'you stink, wear this' present but rather a 'I like this, I think it'd suit you' present? More covering up the problem than addressing it but it's a step in the right direction.

Or of course just go the direct route and tell him outright that you think he needs to wash himself and his clothing more often. It's never an easy thing to say or hear so just go for it, as long as you're not being a b*tch while saying it there's only so gentle you can be anyway. You're not telling him something he doesn't need to hear. I mean, if he's going on a date he should have the decency to wash first, right? It's kind of something you make an effort for. If he doesn't scrub up for a date or, indeed, to try to get back to your house with you, what DOES he scrub up for?? :/

Think of it as a life lesson he needs to hear. If you don't tell him, someone else will. And they may not be as nice about it!

Edit: haha, Subdom27 beat me to it. Still :p 

Do I get a prize?

Thank you both x

No problem at all. Let us know how it goes 😊