Bum fun at last

I not posted for a long time i had to stop thinking about sex and did not help coming on here but at last i had a bit of bum fun with the wife.

If only a finger this was a turn on for me I think she enjoyed it as she did not stop me and did not go to far its taken years just to do this.

She's not said anything about it i think shes worried that i want more which i do it because we have always had sex with a comdom other than for the 2 kids for over 25 years and i feel that if I can have anal I dont need the rubber.

I would like the same anal from here but thats a long way off.

It was so good.

I'm glad to hear that it sounds like you're having some fun. I'm not up to speed on your previous posts but I'm sure there's other members who have been in similar situations.

Unless you're using another form of contraception, I would advise using condoms. Sperm is canny...

Even for anal sex? What the risk

Although a woman cannot become pregnant through anal sex directly, the sperm can leak from the anus and into the vagina. Although it only takes one time, the chances of this occurring, if you're doing this reguarly in a long term relationship, are increased even more.

Lily Allen reported a pregnancy from anal sex causing her to write the charming song: 'I didn't know you could pregnant from the bum bum'

Another plus from the condoms is you can use one during anal sex, then use a new condom and enjoy vaginal sex. This gets rid of the risk of going from the anus to the vagina without a condom, where fecal matter can upset the balance inside a woman.

Plus there's all sorts of bacteria and the like up your bum! If I had a dick, I probably wouldn't put it inside someone's ass without some kind of protection. A condom should help lubricate it too.

Yep - if no other form of contraception is being used, then your chap shouldn't be anywhere near her down there, even anal. That stuff gets everywhere! lol (well sorry, but it does!) My son was conceived by accident (not anal though) where he didn't come inside me. I wouldn't chance it unless you're happy to have another baby.

With current partner we don't use condoms except for anal for peace of mind about hygiene - even though I douche and there's never been 'mess'.

Also, don't be afraid to ask her if she enjoyed it! Personally, I'd rather ask and have her say "no, don't do it again", than be in the heat of the moment, go to do it and her say "no, I hated it last time, don't do it".

Be aware that anal takes some building up to. Talk about it with her and perhaps buy a small plug. There's a big leap in size between a finger and a penis, and even with the best lubrication it's going to be uncomfortable, if not painful if she's not used to it.

Have a chat with her, and be patient about it. Good things come to those who wait :)

Has she considered going on the pill or another form of contraception which would cut out the need for condoms?

Thicker condoms are often advised because anal puts more stress on the condom but if you use enough lube a standard rubber should be fine.

A great tip is to avoid lubes and condoms containing Nonoxynol 9 when having anal sex. This ingredient damages the lining of the rectum making infection more likely.

Anything with a numbing agent isn't advised either because it can numb you to any pain that you're body is using to alert you to tears and damage.

yea anal is great just take it slow my wife was a bit nervous at first we got into it slowly but now she loves it take ur time as the lady doesnt like to rush this

If you want sex without a condom then there's a simple answer - have a vasectomy, although if you've been married for that length of time then your wife must be not far off the menopause, so you will still have plenty of years of condomless sex .

I would imagine that condoms should still be used for anal sex though, anal cancer, as with cervical cancer ( and even oral cancer) can be triggered by the HPV virus, so unless you have only had one sexual partner for your entire life ( and vice versa) , you will have been exposed to at least one strain of hpv. As the rectum is far less resiliant than either the vagina or the throat, HPV infection is far more likely.

If i got the chance I would never last for normal sex, point take about hygiene.

Well it looks like I will have to do a deal and get the snip, only thing that puts me off the snip is she does not like mess so would still have to use a comdom.

Hi i wish, would your wife not consider the pill, coil, inplant or something like that? I feel for you using condoms i hate them (yes i know they stop STD's and would always use one if i thought there would be a risk) I've been with my OH for almost 10 years and have 2 kids and i'm glad we don't have to use them! I would ask your wife how she felt about anal play. I have a similar problem, i want to try it but my OH doesn't Good luck

She has thought about implant coil,but i dont wont to push her into it, we have been togther since she was 14 and i was 17 she was only my 3rd girl friend now 40 and I am 44.

We did not have intercourse till she was 18 and I have been using comdoms since.

Poor you! I'm really surprised especially as you don't like using them! Could you just say something like "oh have you thought any more about the implant?"

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but is it more an issue of her not liking the 'mess' or finding it a bit 'icky' that makes her want condoms as your choice of contraception?

Sorry to be personal, but what is like about oral? hate it/OK with it/love it? does she let you come in her mouth/on her?

Some people can't get their heads round the whole 'dirty' thing and this might be the problem. If it is, Then she may be very uncomfortable about anal, and no amount of lube will sort out the mental discomfort.

First and foremost I think you need to talk about it before getting ahead of yourselves. Getting The snip just to avoid condoms only for her to insist on them anyway could cause a lot of resentment - from you having gone through with it and from her feeling pressured by your doing so...

We both enjoy oral but I never come in her mouth, I think its down to using comdoms for so long its the thought of beening icky, I have cum on her boobs a few times and tend to have wipes ready to clean it off.

Your right about resentment that has crossed my mind.

I agree with most of what has been said. Anal without condoms can be risky for the reasons listed... I'm sure it might make the birds and the bees chat a little harder if you have a little 'un too. "Well when a man loves a women and he takes her up the arse..." Makes biology confusing for young children I imagine.

It might be worth a little chat with her, explain how you feel about using condoms and the loss of pleasure you experience. I'm sure if explained correctly many partners would love to help you enjoy something a bit more at the expense of something so trivial. Maybe some agreement can be reached? Only come inside on shower days!?

You're right not to push your wife into the coil or other devices but you should as BBBJE pointed out not do something you are not entirely comfortable with as you might resent it.

A chat might also help her get over the non 'ickyness' of your cum!

Good luck !

I have only had sex with her and she me so HIV should no be a problem?

I am not after bum fun all the time I just would to explore the feeling of this with her and would like her to do the same to me with a strapon or Feeldoe dont know why I suppose because its naughty.

I do respect her feelings about this as she is my True Love and always will be.

Thanks for the comments will take these on board.

Best advice - talk about it, and if she agrees to future fun then take it slowly.

I have a personal rule that I'm willing to have done to me whatever I might want to do to someone else - so if I want to stick my cock up the OH's bum then I must be willing for her to stick an equally sized toy up my bum, and having bought a toy of comparable size I can safely say there's no f**ing way I'd expect anyone to go from a finger to a cock in one step!

Admittedly I'm a total manslut and love bumtoys (got some quite big ones these days!) but the principle is the same for other stuff too, be it swallowing cum or stamp collecting.

If you've not tried bumtoys, I can recommend it - you never know, the OH might take a fancy to a nice bit of strap-on action