Can't seem to quite find what I want...

Hi there

I am new to this (so hello to you all)...but enjoying the thrill of experiementing with my other half.

There are loads of restraints available, but nothing that seems to be quite what I want.

I am looking for some wrist and leg restrains. I want to be able to tie the leg restraints around the bottom of her thigh and then tie her legs open; so her knees are held quite high. Ankle restrains don't do that and are a bit small.

Anyone got any pointers on where I can get this.

Possibly try bondage rope rather than cuffs and perhaps introduce a spreader bar.

Hope you find what you are looking for😉

Hi I'm looking at spreader bars too for my next purchase and it sounds like it would be for the same sort of thing.

We haven't done any sort of bondage before and I thought the LH under bed restraints would be perfect but hubby not to sure about that (too much too soon)

I have narrowed it down to either purple reins spreader bar or the purple reins thigh spreader. Using either one should allow knees to be lifted higher. Although I might be wrong but I am sure it will still be fun finding out.

Have a look at Jess Wildes youtube video about spreader bars. It's really useful and you get a good idea about the different products. I found it helpful to narrow down my choices (thanks Jess much appreciated).

Alicia4Ever makes some great suggestions!

Here is another which you might like to look at:

Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint Set << this set has tie up cuffs which can be positioned as high or low on the leg as you like. 

We have a high head board with small bits that stick up at each side, we found we could loop a webbing type restraint round it and then under each knee with the person centred on the bed it holds your legs wide open and up for play and is remarkably comfortable on the legs, also we've got an inflatable wedge that can be used to lift up the waist to make things even easier to access makes giving her head easier or fisting me say. Remember any restraint must not tire the wearer .

Buy yourself 2 sets of ankle cuffs like these:

The velcro fastening means you can join 2 together to make extra-big cuffs that will go around her thighs easily. We have done that before and if feels great.

You will need a restraint system aswell, this one is awesome as it has adjustable straps that you can easily tighten once you have the straps connected:

This restraint comes with 2 pairs of handcuffs so you may only need one extra set of ankle cuffs to be able to attach to her thighs.

Its on offer at the moment for 17 pounds, so act quick.