Carry on Luggage with Toys

Visiting amsterdam for a steamy weekend in October, does anyone know what sex toys I am able to take in Luggage with regards to batteries etc obviously minimising any embarassment in security. We wont be taking any restraints etc but what happens with my mains wand? or my rabbit? or even my jelly double ended dildo? I just dread them pulling all of these toys out my bag in the middle of a packed security check lol

Hey 1993princess

You might find it helpful to check out our guide all about how to travel with sex toys and our top picks for toys to take on holiday. :)

Thank you lovely, very helpful ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif) x

No problem!

And remember, Amsterdam has a bucketload of sex toy shops (they're literally everywhere!) so you can always buy new things out there. Sexy purchase + souvenier all in one! ;)

Lol might even have to take an empty case with me to bring back lots of goodies!

1993princess wrote:

Lol might even have to take an empty case with me to bring back lots of goodies!

Now THAT'S a plan :P

I went to 'dam in January, and it was UH-MAY-ZING!

Have a great time!

Thank you!!! This is my 7th time lol but my first time going with my boyfriend, its our fave girls holiday destination for the winter hopefully will be just as fun with my fella ![](upload://rA41UoqYzU9yrgGiJUyzuRc98GV.gif)

I know security have issues with things like magic wands because they show up on x-ray and the officers get confused. Once they know what it is they're fine but the confusion may lead to you having to pull stuff out from your luggage.

You can check the CAA website for restrictions on batteries.

Wife and I got pulled over at Edinburgh a few weeks back. There was a vib in the carry on (from LH, of course).

The case was pulled over because there were 2 electric toothbrushes with phone charging cables wrapped around them. Looked like a bomb apparently (the case was treated VERY differently compared to normal). I left the wife to it and she warned the lady examing the case there was a vib in there. Of course, they see so much worse - I'm quite sure!