Chastity Play / Experiment

No discomfort as such, but the way it flattens the scrotum skin stretches it a bit, when the cage is removed and it goes back to normal, this has the effect of toughening the skin (and my balls take the opportunity to retract into my body a bit), which diminishes Mrs Sen’s enjoyment when performing oral.

Actually wore the cage through the night last night just to see how it would go, was a very restful sleep with just 1 awakening needing to pee, no ring burn or anything which was great.

It’s almost 2 weeks since the cage was back in place 24/7 and it’s almost 2 weeks since my last proper orgasm (although I did have a ruined orgasm a couple of days ago). I have been stimulated using vibrating wands and been pegged a couple of times but never allowed to come. As a result our relationship is back to it’s intimate best and I am becoming more submissive and attentive to her needs as the days go by.


Today was a new highlight in our lifestyle. We have had no penetrative sex for over two weeks (apart from dildos) so she decided that she wanted me uncaged and inside her but I was not allowed to orgasm. We worked through various positions with her using the wand on her clitoris to produce blended orgasms. As she began to orgasm I had to work very hard not to come. The sounds I was making in my efforts not to come turned her on immensely and she began to orgasm continuously. This made it very difficult for me to hold back, especially when we switched to doggy. Finally she was orgasmed out and told me to stop. I felt amazing, although it took me a while before I could get the cage back on afterwards. My control is definitely improving.

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This morning she decided that she wasn’t going to touch me and I wasn’t allowed to touch myself. All I was allowed to do was to watch her masturbate with her wand till she’d come as much as she could stand.
It was perfect. I almost came just watching her but I had to hold back as I didn’t have permission.

She’s becoming more comfortable with the chastity lifestyle now and is starting to realise that she’s not being mean or nasty by teasing and denying me. It’s what I really want her to do.


Sounds really good Rockstar. I wore the cage last month during her monthly (just not at night). She did take the opportunity to tease me a bit, and even denied me being released for sexual activity which was great. I still put it on from time to time, will see if she wants to partake again during her period and go from there.


With hindsight it’s a big change to spring on someone and it must come as a bit of a shock so it’s not surprising that it takes time to adjust. We’re working very slowly towards a more sub/dom relationship.

Have had the cage on a bit more recently including the last 2 days, full day from morning till night. No real comment from Mrs Sen yet other than “you’ve got your full armour on” - referring to one of the cages I have that has a solid metal tube before a wire opening at the end.

Will let her adapt to the cage being on and see what pace she wants to go at.

I think in hindsight I went from 0 - 100 far too quickly, expecting the full fantasy including her participation. Whilst she entertained it from time to time (and to be fair, wasn’t objecting in the least to all the extra affection), I think it was too much.

I’ve deliberately been getting myself in the horny headspace (grabbing her ass, lots of kisses etc plus a bit of porn just to really torture myself) but refraining from reaching orgasm.

Want to discuss it more, but don’t want a forced discussion either, will try and be patient and see where it goes.

It’s coming up to 10 months caged for me and, looking back on it, it’s a big change to expect the other half to make at the drop of a hat. She’s fully on board now but occasionally her participation lapses for a short time then she gets back into it again.

Kept the cage on during the night last night, a bit restless as I am not used to it, but overall not too bad. No painful wake up moments as such which I was pleased about. Removed for cleaning / shower this morning, all still looking in tact.

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Last weekend came and went, Saturday morning had a session just for Mrs Sen with a couple of orgasms using wand/dildo combo, I stayed caged and untouched. Sunday morning she wasn’t feeling well so simply got up and showered to start the day. Her monthly arrived mid morning.

Have been much more attentive to passion this week with frequent bum / boob grabs, kissing and just general attentiveness. She has teased my balls/cage sporadically but no “tease and denial” session as such.

Cage is on most of the time now, removed daily for showering and we have also started back at a gym, so am removing it prior to weight training. I still control the key at this stage, we haven’t really discussed what part in chastity she wants. I did ask her to think about it but we haven’t had much time to talk since.

Had a surprising thing last night, woke up to a short/sharp pain in my left testicle, it had somehow retracted and escaped the ring back into my body. First time this has happened. Put everything back in place and no signs of anything wrong, just a freak occurrence I suspect.

Talk about getting what I wished for though, from normal orgasm schedule (3ish per week) to none for nearly 2 weeks now.

Its nearly the end of her period, and as much as I am wanting a release, I am looking forward to pleasuring her more

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Mrs Sen is gaining a bit more confidence and happily denied me release on the weekend. We spoke about it on Friday night where she asked if I wanted release, I said yes and no. Yes as I like to orgasm as much as the next person (and had been horny all week), but no as I was enjoying the hornyness. Asked if she wanted to try sexual contact everyday for a week, to see if more sex = wanting more sex. It may be oral, or more or less, will see.

After denying me release on Saturday morning, she got up for a shower. I followed her in and was allowed to help her wash. I knelt before her and washed her from head to toe, it was incredibly sensuous and I felt completely subservient to her, it was wonderful. Busy day Sunday so only some quick oral for her, but after we got home from the gym, again I was allowed to bathe her in the shower and wash her hair. Not quite the same sense as Saturday but still enjoyable.

Back in the normal week now


Sounds good. Hopefully things will pick up again.

I’ve been very good for a long time so she had promised to peg me this morning but, at the last minute, she changed her mind and decided that she wanted more orgasms for herself before I got my chance. I love the way she’s slowly getting into a more dominant role.