Hi guys,

I have a lifelike lover 7.5 curved dildo. It seems to have been discontinued so i cant find out the material, i assume it is PVC/TPE like other LL toys.

Anyway, the issue of cleaning is always a cause for concern and anxiety. More so since i found out it is porous and “cant be 100% cleaned”. I usually clean with antibacterial soap and water before boiling in a pan on the hob. Would the heat from the boiling water not sanitise? Even if its porous sure the heat would do the trick?


The issue with boiling PVC and TPE is that they can’t handle the heat so you can damage the toy. Also if toy isn’t 100% dry, the water can stay trapped in the pores which will cause bacteria to grow.

However, if you are regularly boiling it with no issue, it may be that the toy is silicone. The more expensive lifelike lover toys are.


Maybe it is silicone. Not sure if you can tell by look or feel. I always assumed it was silicone, but any info i find on other LL says PVC. It has been boiled a number of times with no issues.

If the toy is indeed PVC or TPE as you say, then boiling isn’t the best (as per @Calie 's comment). The best you can do is clean with antibacterial soap and just watch out for any discolouration (like black spots) or any change in texture. x

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I’m having a little look to try and find out for you :slight_smile:

Is it this one?

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Lifelike Lover Luxe are silicone, the others are PVC or TPE. Don’t suppose you know if it was one of the Luxe range?

I’d say cleaning it with just warm water and antibacterial soap is more than enough. Plus you can always use some Lovehoney toy cleaner too.

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Milton the stuff for babies bottles? A dishwasher is very good as you can also use it for babies bottles