Coregasms? Who's had one?

Edit: Apologies I got this removed the first time. I missed part of rule 9. Them the rules. Sorry!

Anyone had a mythical Coregasm? I didn’t know the term for it but re-discovered again recently that it was something I could do years ago. I can’t do it on command anymore but can have one if I’m already pretty horny. I did a sort of V-sit hold on my kitchen worktop and sort of lean back into it while tensing all the core muscles, knees tucked and something physiological about it just takes me over the edge!

I tried looking it up and found people call it a coregasm, and it’s more common in women than men. I’m a guy so I guess I’m lucky but it’s hard work! Makes your abs ache.

Anyone else experience a “coregasm”?


I’ve heard of coregasms before, but to be honest I try and avoid core exercises at all costs, and so have never experienced one and not sure if I can or not. It’s something to do with contracting pelvic floor muscles at the same time from what I can remember.

Did it feel different to other ways of orgasm at the time? (except the after ab pain of course!) Bodies are such amazing things really aren’t they! :muscle:t2:

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I’ve never heard of it but OMG I can imagine just how intense that would be!! :drooling_face:

Learn something knew everyday :rofl:

I’ve had what I thought was core cramps while playing around before - is that what you’re describing?

Definitely an orgasm and not just a cramp. I used to be able to do it from a ‘cold start’ so to say, with no masturbation. It wouldn’t take long but I’d orgasm without ejaculation. I’ve tried since and don’t think I can do it like that anymore, or maybe it’s just taking longer and I’m worn out before I get there!

I managed to do it again yesterday by doing an L sit on the floor, suspended on my hands and leaning back to make the hold more difficult. I get to a point where it’s hard to hold and my muscles are shaking. A wave of orgasmic feeling starts from deep in my core and floods down to my penis until I come. Almost feels sparkly and tickly, like my nerves are buzzing and have mild convulsions from the intensity and muscle ache!

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That sounds Epic!! @Bearjamin

Damn … you know I’m going to have to try this now…