Cost of energy

Theres a house round the corner with a generator on the drive.
Looks like our electricity will be£200 a month from October and the gas bill has finally arrived after a year trying to sort it out "only " £1000, then to top it off British gas arranged direct debits without our knowledge or authorisation or our bank details using info from our previous supplier that’s got to be against banking protocol?

Probs depends on the small print you agreed to
You can contact the bank, get it back and pay standing order where you are in control but you might lose discounts
Ring them and discuss, at which point the whole forum thinks
Yeah, good luck with that


Yup definitely qualifies for a direct debit indemnity.


There was no small print, we wre switched to BG as a supplier of last resort when our company went bust last August then went on pay as you go

Just don’t make it sound like a dispute when you speak to the bank. Disputes are not covered by the direct debit guarantee.