Couple plugging

Does anybody else enjoy sex while both of you are plugged?
We have had sex while one of us is plugged either me or him but haven't tried it yet while we are both plugged. Planned for tonight so should be a fun evening.

It feels incredible and super intense, so be prepared! Not to mention it makes you both feel really “naughty”. If you start to get into this more often then maybe look for a long double ended dildo, that truly feels surreal when your using one and having sex at the same time.

Totally agree that sex while being plugged is amazing though, we’re both huge fans of it all.

Don’t think we’ve ever done a double plug either. Might have to give it a go.

Are you thinking of standard plugs or vibrating ones?

Ugh, iPad keeps double posting. 🙄

Me and my partner both tried with the lovehoney butt tingler and the vibrations were so intense I felt like our heads were being shaken around. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t done a double plug before!

Never tried. Sounds lovely.

It certainly works for us. Although my wife is still a little hesitant about anal play she has more intense orgasms with a small anal plug in place. I use a medium plug and it intensifies my orgasms too. Additionally with her anal plug in place her vagina is constricted making vaginal sex more intense for both of us.