Cum inside

@Dirty-Wife -voh wow! It’s actually affordable too! Awesome! Thank you! :grin:
Haha, yah, we saw a swing in a sex shop months ago and he bad still wants one. I think it would be a lot of fun too!

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They do look like a lot of fun

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They really do! I see one in my future, lol!

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Please remember not to engage in 1-on-1 chat.

Can you please explain what that means?

When I first read this I thought that’s the only thing we can do is chat as its a forum lol but im guessing if 2 people were having a long conversation and someone else wanted to reply to the thread it won’t get lost?

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Just so you’re not waiting until Monday: :slightly_smiling_face:

And I think the big two to look out for are:

  • Extended back and forth between two people. It crowds out other member’s posts, and can feel like there’s no space for others to join in.

  • Over-using @mentions to direct your posts to specific people, and not the forum as a whole.

Hope that helps. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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My OH generally finishes inside me. He’ll always ask me where I want it but in the moment my go-to response is usually inside me. I love those last few thrusts. The waddle to the toilet afterwards always gives us a little laugh too. If we’re having a quickie before going out then I’ll ask for it on my tummy, bum or boobs. I’ve had far too many leakages that I’ve had to hide before :joy:


I love hubby Cumming inside me, but until he has the snip that’s kept for anal, or stuck in a condom. I also like him to cum on my body, but not my face or hair!


My OH generally finishes inside me but we try many different places to , like boobs, face ,mouth,stomach and sometimes in my back and he massage me nice


Anyone else like cumming in to OH underware while they are wearing them… this is a particular fav of mine if the front is held out and finish in to them :man_facepalming:

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@Chosen-one Yes my last partner loved this especially if we were going out, and at times she would want it if she wasn’t going to be with me so its a nice little reminder of me.

I love this too!

Him cumming inside me is the one thing I really miss now that we use condoms rather than me being on the pill. It’s kept for anal for the time being.


I like when my partner cums inside me. I usually like to lay there for a bit before going to the bathroom though.

He’s cum on my face a couple of times. I really like that when I’m in the right headspace for it.

We’re still using condoms as I haven’t been brave enough to get the snip (but hopefully soon) definitely don’t want anymore kids. She doesn’t mind when I cum on her back or stomach or tits but doesn’t like it on the bedsheets

Used to love cumming in the OH. She loves it to. But for now, until the covid is over and I can get snipped, we’re stuck to using condoms. Hopefully soon we get to move on and go back to normal

My OH tells me she loves the feeling of me cumming in her , especially the first time , after that face ,tits are ok but in her is preferred,

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In her most always. She likes the pump and warmth. I typically stay hard for a few after I shoot so can continue thrusting in my own creampie which is hot. Do like the occasional finishing on her stomach or breasts…can play with it together

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Yeah pretty much always in her pussy or ass when we do anal. I do occasionally pull out, or wank myself over her pussy or arse. She likes both I think…Will ask her actually about it tonight.

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Cumming deep inside, then going down on her and sucking as much of my cum as possible out before feeding the load to her mouth from mine is a favourite :smiley:


Semen allergy so I rarely have sex without a condom as even pre-cum can set me off. On really special occasions I’ll take an anti-histamine before but that has problems for me in the form of restless legs getting worse. Grrrr.

I do love it on my back, though, and I even get a massage with it!

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