Delight or Elise???

Okay when pay day comes I thought I"d treat OH to a Tenga cos I'm so nice!! Well this girl doesn't want to be left out so I'm looking at the top of the range vibes for me!!! Want G spot stimulation and just can't seem to decide between the FF Delight or the Lelo Elise. They both look fantastic - does anyone have one of these or both even??

So many vibes and so little time - course LH could send me both to trial and I could let you all know!

I've never tried lelo vibes but I absolutely adore FF ones. I would totally recommend them, such amazing quality and the vibes just work sooooo well. I only have a sinnflut but I covet the delight. And it did get one of the top awards in the sex toy awards. Personally that's the one I'd go for. Let us know what you decide though!

Thanks for that. They both have such good reviews that it's going to be difficult and I guess alot will depend on personal preference as well.

Ah yes that is awkward if they are both reviewed highly, but I suppose you could see the silver lining - no matter which one you get, it will be good! And then you could always get the other one later...

You read my mind!

OMG!!!!!! OH bought me the elise a week back but due to us both being so horny since I've only just got around to giving it a proper go this morning (him being at work and me on hol still). Well it didn't disappoint and I am fairly new to vibs!! Decided on this one as was worried the curve on the delight would miss my g spot and with the elise I think you would be able to put where yours happened to be really. And I do like a nice thrusting action and had read that you couldn't thrust well with the delight due to the curve. Quick warm up with my glass dildo which really gets me going just cos of the feel of it and then down to business with the elise. I'm not that experienced with just g spot orgasms (usually my orgasms seem to be a combo) but after 20 or so mins had a fab g spot only job. It only has a slight curve and bulge towards the end but this vibe really hit my g spot. Then I carried on and had a doozie of a combo orgasm as well - I"m greedy like that. This is my very first proper vibe orgasm as I have never got on with them before and it was awesome.

(Due to marathon shag sessions for the past fortnight and this morning think I'll be walking like John Wayne for a while - with a big grin! )

Anyway I love it and it does seem very powerful!

Wow sounds great HP!!

wow defo one for my wishlist then! i sooooooo want a g-spot orgasm