dirty talk

well ive been with my other half 4 almost 3 years now and whist having sex im always imagining things and talking dirty in my head...but i really wanna b able to say it out loud...but as weve been 2geva so long and he is not used to me saying it...i feel lyk i would be embarrased just randomly starting to talk dirty.
He does say some things not alot...usually just 1-3 words...not like whole sentences...
so anyone got any ideas.....whats a girl to do??

Try starting with one or two words back yourself. Even if you wait for him to speak first. Or I started with just saying 'I love it when you *insert dirty action here*', and built off his reaction. If he seems to be getting excited, describe what you like in depth, usuing as dirty a words as you feel comfortable with. Don't let being together for ages put you off- it should make it easier actually because you'll be able to read his reactions better.

Have fun!

Feed him some booze to get rid of the inhibitions, then go with what crayola says ^^^

Feed HIM some booze?? Lol... feed yourself some booze and you won't care what he thinks. I find I'm much filthier when pissed because - shameless, my fb once said. I think he meant it as a compliment!!

hmm... typo. That should have read, "I find I'm much filthier when pissed - shameless, my fb once said."


I'm just usless if I'm drunk. I fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed nowadays. Which I suppose means I should just do it outside ;)

Teeheehee, great plan Crayola :)

Actually Ameri I'm in a similar place to you - or was. I've been with my partner 2yrs and for some reason, despite not being that shy sexually, I still found it a bit hard to talk dirty other than perhaps a couple of words - or jsut being noisy as usual!

It's improving though. A good strategy is definitely to say you love it when... (fill in the blank) - I've even done a little bit of internet research on it, but some sites are pretty funny, saying you should use romantic terms for your genitalia (like "sweet portal") - I dunno about anyone else but I would just kill myself laughing if he or I said anything like that!! If I talk dirty it is pure vulgar filth and nothing else - and it definitely seems the more you do it, the easier it gets.

A gentle request (after sex perhaps) for him to talk back to you can help too, if he doesn't automatically reciprocate. I realised that he talks a bit more if I am going down on him or something, so I'm thinking that having to concentrate on doing me might be something to do with it - so I let him off most of the time nowadays =P

"sweet portal" LMAO - I love it!

Was that a Star Trek fan website by any chance? I can just imagine some 30yo virgin sci-fi geek coming up with a phrase like that.

I'm with you - slutty language adds to the excitement. None of this coy stuff!

LOL I see what you mean there - but no, it was actually a fairly ordinary site! I think it was some kind of men's magazine site, they had the misguided idea that women don't like rude words. Well sure, *some* of them don't, but I'd have thought in most cases, you'd be better off just saying it feels good, rather than using weird terminology...! Would just be off-putting, almost like giving your genitals special nicknames or something!

Ooh I love it when you turn the thrusters on on your millenium falcon and speed in and out of my sweet portal!

I think I'd get up and walk away. lol.

Mind you, speaking as someone who is currently on a mission with her lover to finish the Lego Star Wars 360 game- not all sci-fi geeks are virgins ;)

Check out my launch pad baby, and I'll take you infinity and beyond!


hi all, thanks for all your suggestions, im sure to use the phrase..."lick my sweet portal"...not! lol, although i do agree, when im pissed its lyk im someone else and i say soooo much more, im so much more loud n noisey aswell which he loves but seems wierd when im 'normal', probs y i lyk role play aswell. c if i was like that from the start....maybe i wouldnt have this problem now....or maybe itd scare him off :@

Just DO it. Really. You've been with the guy for three years - he's not going to shove you off in disgust if you start introducing some dirty talk. If he loves that you're much noisier when you're drunk, he's almost guaranteed to love you talking dirty to him. Guys love the angel/devil thing, remember!

Sweet portal indeed, who wrote such nonsense.

I love dirty talk and when first met Mr S just said to him one day 'talk dirty to me' so he did and we've carried on ever since, not every time obviously as it would get somewhat dull and tedious, but every so often one of us will say something and that sets us off.

You should just start it off and enourage him to join in.

Now if was Han Solo raming his millenium Falcon into my 'sweet porthole' then seriously, I would not give a toss what he called it!

However that is unlikely seeing as he is a fictional character (doh!), we don't use words like that - we've started to really talk dirty recently and the man loves to tell me what he wants me to do next, as well as telling me about the stuff he fantasizes about etc. I usually go along with whatever he's fantasizing about for the time being (even if it's something I'm not really up for) as I love seeing him getting off on it. We tend to use the basic words like pussy, tits and cock - no sugarcoating needed!

He probably worries what you think. As soon as he realises YOU WANT the dirty talk it will be flowing like the proverbial!