talking proper dirty in bed

Hi, im with a new partner and he enjoys me talking dirty to him either in texts or when we are in bed, the thing is he is on a new level of dirtyness to me, basicly he wants filth and my mind is blank........any suggestions for dirty texts or filthy sex talk gratefully recieved . I will report the results as and when

The texts messages are to keep us both going as he doesnt live nearby . thanks again

Hi hun, I have a long distance relationship also, we have tried this but I'm no good at it and it makes me cringe to be honest. Instead we compromised and I send more so flirty txts with a little dirty talk in them if its appropriate.#

ask him what he would like you to talk dirty about, or do a role play scene that involves it, it may make it easier and things may spring to mind more easily. But, if you don't like it and find it uncomfortable, tell him, maybe he could tone it down, and if he doesn't listen or want to know or listen then show him the door and where to go. You shouldn't do anything you're not comfortable with and he needs to accept and respect that fact, you shouldn't need to be made or to feel violated or degraded as I know I would feel so if my oh insisted that request on me!

Good luck, I'm sorry I couldn't be much help.


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