Disability friendly purchases

Share your favourite disability friendly items here :star2:

Disabilities can sometimes lead to extra considerations when buying sexy items, or sometimes necessitate an extra product to lend a hand with physical limitations.

Here’s a thread so that we can share and shout about those products we find are helpful in any way for disabilities or physical limitations and support. Or any products we expected to be helpful that didn’t quite make the mark!

So if you have a product you’ve found particularly great helping you or your partner then tell us all about it! :grinning:

If it’s a Lovehoney product stick in a picture and link so we can check it out, tell us what it’s helpful for, and let us know what you think about it!



Fifty shades of grey greedy girl thrusting rabbit

Good for: muscle fatigue/difficulty with repetitive movements

I struggle with repetitive motion, so manually thrusting something can be a real pain. I loved this toy, the thrusting ability it has is really impressive and required so little physical effort to use but still get explosive results.
Definitely recommend for anyone that wants to be able to use a dildo on themselves or another without getting a tired arm!


What a brilliant idea for a thread. Good call, @Cassii :slightly_smiling_face:


Any vibrating butt plug with a remote

I own the B-vibe triplet and the Rimming butt plug, but im sure there are less expensive options out there.

Good for: muscle fatigue, problems with flexibility

Having a remote makes changing the setting so much easier. Not having to contort myself every time i want to fiddle with the vibrations saves me so much energy. Make sure to pair them before you stick the plug in and your set.

I personally love both these plugs, and although they are pricey i feel they are very well made and worth the money. They both have good battery life and strong vibes. The rimming action is also amazing. The controls are also very easy to use on both of them,

Mini review for the rimming plug here


@Green_Eyed_Girl - not wishing to derail the thread, but I’ve been intrigued by the rimming butt plug for a while. Do you have an opinion on its performance - or can you point me at a review you’ve posted please? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Cassii I personally have that rabbit in my collection and I agree you don’t need much movement at all so good choice :slight_smile:

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Lovehoney glass sensual g spot dildo

Useful for: fatigue, issues using heavy toys

So, long story short i have wanted a njoy pure wand for a long time, but when all the reviews mention how heavy the thing is i know if people without m.e/cfs have issue with the weight, i will really struggle with it.

So if you want to try strong g/p spot stim without it weighting 680g, this is a really good alternative. Its light, easy to manipulate and it hit the spot for me with zero fuss. Review here
You still have to thrust it, but i found a rocking motion worked well and was less tiring.


Funfactory stronic real

Comes with caveats
Useful for: people who struggle with repetitive motions, fatigue

(:warning:Has strong magnets, do not use if you have a pacemaker)

So, im including it here for everyone who looks at this thing and wonders if £160 is really worth it.
I got this stupidly reduced (eg. Less than £100) and if you want a miniaturised sex machine its not bad.

Pros: It is compact, very well made, does what it says on the tin very well and has a good battery life. Means my arms don’t get tired. Hits my g spot decently and can be used hands free with some ingenuity

Cons: silicone is a bit grippy so lube is really, really well and for the love of god make sure there is no fluff from the towel on it as its like sand paper. (Seriously, that mental image you now have, it was that uncomfortable). I tend to clean it off with lube before hand now, just to be on the safe side.
It has more a short back and forth motions than a proper thrusting one, and can stall out on some settings if your muscles clamp onto it. But does feel really good and hits my g spot decently.
Unless you put a pillow under myself you have to keep a hand on it all the time as it has a habit of sliding out. Canting your hips at an angle makes it hit my g spot alot better though so its a good position and means i can use it hands free which is a big plus (bring a towel, seriously)

When i do use this thing though its very enjoyable and makes for a relaxing session where i have to exert less energy. So you’ll have to make your minds up if its worth it. Probubly better bought on sale i feel.



Pebble vibes

Useful for: fatigue sufferers, people with grip issues, also good if you have a penis

Easy to hold in the hand or palm, pebble vibes are super if you just want to massage any area without struggling to grip something slippery or small. both of these also had good buttons and nice rumbly vibes. It takes alot less energy for me to just rub with or grind against a toy sometimes, and means i can find a comfortable relaxed position easily.

Mantric pebble vibe and the Dame pom are both excellent pebbles. Rumbly and have strong vibes.

I Love The dame pom (yes, with a capitol L) so i am a bit biased. But i understand its expensive so i put the mantric pebble in here too.

The poms squishy texture and the ability to increase or decrease the vibe speed simply by holding down the button till it gets to the right strength (though it also has more traditional setting too) sells it for me. The beak shape on the tip is also genius and hits my clit brilliant with no fuss. Its strong rumbly vibes Are also superb.

The mantric has a solid body and is also very good rumbly vibes, i did struggle to get it to hit my clit sometimes, and find if you turn it on its side its easier. Has nice patterns and is good value for money.

They are both about the same strength, but the pom is much rumblier which makes all the difference for me.

My review for the desire pebble vibe is Here if anyone is also curious about that. You’ll have to make your own minds up on that one. The vibes where not right for me, but thats a very personal thing obviosuly.


I agree with you on the pebbles, the shape just seems so much easier to hold and requires less effort to hold too. Plus you can change your grip on it easily or hold it in different ways without losing effectiveness, even just in the palm of the hand - so much more comfortable on the hand muscles than bullets!

I’d also add this one into the mix for pebbles, as I have it and like it and it’s currently on sale:

The Lovehoney pebble vibrator

Another pebble vibe

Useful for: fatigue sufferers, people with grip issues, also good if you have a penis


mini classic vibes

Good for: fatigue sufferers, people with grip issues, also good if you have a penis

They’re More focused than a pebble, larger than a bullet but not as heavy as a classic vibe.

The Desire mini vibe is great. Rumbly, easy to hold and with a button thats large and easy to press (almost too easy at times, this one of of the vibes i tend to accidentally turn on while washing). This thing is one of my go to’s. So easy to use when im tired.

I find Mini classics are a great alternative if you struggle with the size of a bullet (especially when its slippery. More area means you can lube up just the end your not touching).

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I’m not disabled, but in the moon boot I currently have reduced mobility and pain.

Our inflatable wedge has been a God send during this, it definitely takes the strain off joints in reaching positions and hubby has enjoyed it too!


I’ve got my eye on that, I like the colour as well as the fact that it is light to use, and g-spot shaped - but I already have about 10 glass toys…

I have two Liberator cushions - a wedge and the heart shaped one. I thought they would be helpful (I have inflammatory arthritis) but actually they are less helpful for the two of us than lots of pillows. They are great for solo times with stiff or achy joints, but as a couple I think we would recommend lots of pillows and soft cushions for support instead - especially under my hips in missionary and to hug my arms and chest around for doggy (god, I hate these antiquated names…)

I have a different thrusting rabbit, but I’m not really a rabbit fan so it doesn’t come out to play very often.
Clit vibes and glass - oh yes! Also bullets which are shaped to hold e.g. the Tracey Cox soft tipped one, and pebbles. And power toys which are small and light, like the Red Hot Flickering Tongue :+1:


I know one of these is mentioned, we went with the big wedge from Dominx:

It was on special at the time, so great value, and a real good cushion. It is maybe a little too big for our needs, and anyone getting one it is worth investing in a pump (mouth inflation seriously kills the moment!!). The one thing the OH does like a lot though is having her hands cuffed to the side - just a little variation from tying her to the bed.
For me it really helps in terms of positions and angles also. OH loves cowgirl but needs my back raised to hit the right spot - this allows me to actually do that without being bed bound for a day or so.


These are prob my best value and fave purchase ever:

They are very versatile, to begin with great at what they’re meant for, restraining the OH any how I like. Highly recommend carabiners to attach them properly. They are really soft, comfortable and strong. I take these with me any time we stay away, they have never let me down.

The other thing these are great for is supporting me - I’ll get the right length loop round wrist and I can use these to keep me supported for positions such as doggy (my legs are my issue, and balance, so these allow me to use upper body to keep sturdy and get a rhythm).


remote control theusting sex machine set

useful for: people who struggle with repetitive motions, fatigue conditions.

Needs a shiny surface for the suction cup to work, but its small and easily to store. Also the thrusting action and vibes are superb. Only has 2 dildo options (though they are nice ones) and its not one you can stick any dildo you like in sadly. A good way to get hammered hard without having your arm feel like a limp noodle part way through.

Also has a good remote, which is incredibly useful and means you dont have to bend over the reach the controls.

Full review here


More mini classic vibe suggestions

The new love not war range has some nice vibes and are a good size in the hand.

Buttons are uncomplicated to press as have a one click to turn on system (though you will want to travel lock them if theyr all like the maya. Mine turned on in the drawer :joy: )

You do have to unscrew them to charge, so that might be an issue for some.

Read the reviews as i found the vibes up the top end a bit buzzy. But judging by the reviews i am in the minority as alot of people really like them


I found this too, and that the vibe actually felt stronger in the holding section rather than at the top where it should be, so might not be ideal for people whose arms go numb easily as it left my hand rather numb after I used mine :sweat_smile:


Ah, i didnt get that. But im odd with mini classic vibes and like to lie them along my skin for maximum area (almost like a pebble) so dont tend to have the tightest grip on them

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Good for: joint pain, repetitive motions

Gloves (fingerless might be more practical) can double as a mild brace/warming and be super hot at the same time. Stockings can be similar and I often wear thigh high socks for the same reason.

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