Do lovehoney really rip people off

If you go back through the figures you’ve posted it seems like you’re unclear yourself. For example in the first post you’re talking about an order total of £170 then later talking about £219. Not to mention “£3 odd” isn’t a specific number…

As someone who’s worked in online retail before I can assert that working out refunds when discounts are applied is hard when promotional offers come into play. I won’t go into the maths but usually a set 25% wouldn’t be applied to individual line items on a refund. It’s proportional to the number of items, amongst other things.

In my opinion LH have great customer service and have been trading long enough that if they were doing anything dodgy it would have come to light much sooner and by more people.

It was a sneaky one. You nearly had me convinced. :slightly_smiling_face:

£5 x 0.75 is £3.75

So there’s only 75p difference by the sound of it. It seems a small sum to come out all guns blazing :slightly_smiling_face:, but if you got £3.75 back then it’s likely they refunded you the discounted item.

I’ve never really had a problem when I’ve dealt with them, though it has been awhile. They’ve generally given me more than I was going to ask for before I even ask for it. :slightly_smiling_face: I know others have had issues of late, but it’s hard to judge from a bystander’s point of view as you just don’t have all the info. :man_shrugging: The problems seem rare though, and lots of members have more positives to say then negatives, so that’s definitely something. :+1:

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I’ve just had a little nap and woken up to some kind of weird maths problem. I’ve always found LH massively fair and generous. Not sure why this has been posted on the forum not dealt with directly / privately.


I also found them fair, I had the 25% off over £40 offer and ordered an item my partner had also bought (and used) so returned it.

The item was £10, minus 25% they refunded the £7.50.

My original total was only just over the threshold, so the refund would have brought it under, but they didn’t query it at all.


Please understand its really simple,

I bought a lot of items

I bought 3 items out of the 3 for 15

I also bought a extra item which was in the 3 for 15 so I now have 4 items out of the 3 for 15 range.

Only other offer I took was 25% discount.

I returned one item which cost £6

Take off the 25% discount makes item £4.49 which is what I was charged, when you itemise every item that’s what I have been charged for it so how does £3.55 refund work out?

I also still have every item from the 3 for 15

Mrs John I have been dealing with them and I’m getting emails that I’m got 25% discount then another email I got 35% discount then its part of 3 for 15 but I had 4 so then I got another story

Amya I returned an extra item and still have all 3 of the 3 for 15 so how does that work?

Sounds very complicated. Hope you get the issue resolved.

Just wanted to say i have had several hundreds of £££ worth of stuff over the last 6 months. Clothing, toys, essentials etc…

Had one item of clothing damaged. Contacted LH to exchange and the new one was sent out the next working day.

Also claimed on the sex toy promise a couple of times. Not because the toys were broken or faulty, just didn’t do anything for me of the OH. Money was refunded no questions asked.

Had some brilliant service from them.

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If they gave you 35% when you placed the order then the refund would be £3.89. (£5.99 - 35%) If you have the original order email with the price before discounts, the discount amounts and the price paid you should easily be able to see if they took off 25% or 35%.

We can only try to work out how they have calculated it, if you ring them I’m sure they can clarify the calculations.


Totally agree.

Did you buy the £4.79 Bondage Boutique Lace Mask by any chance? If so, that would throw your order maths off, as the offer bundles up the highest value items.

Original After Return

£5.99 massager
£5.99 massager
£5.99-£9.99 other item

= 3 for £15

£5.99 massager
£5.99-£9.99 other item
£4.79 mask

= 3 for £15

+£4.79 mask


No extra item

= £15

= £14.84

= £11.25

And the differenece between the two is £3.59


Bloody hell, this is getting confusing


Ah, crap. I thought that last one made it clearer. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I was 20 years in retail management and I cant wrap my head round this. Is it nap time?

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Nap time it is, hopefully it’ll be sorted once we wake up

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It probably is clear but not for my brain, luckily I don’t need to understand it tho :grinning:
It wasnt so much your post @Ian_Chimp I just read the whole thread and all the numbers gave me a brain fart


I think I need to go back to bed to get over the calculations !!!

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Lots of numbers in this one, but the subject drew me in, so I thought I’d just respond to that.
Ultimately sounds like an issue over a couple of quid from a big order, and yes, I get it’s the principal.

However, my thoughts are this. In the past I used to check across other similar sites for same/similar (if LH branded) items, and I don’t think LH was more expensive on any - so I don’t bother checking now, my business goes to LH.

The complications come in on returns because LH do allow people to use multiple discount factors, deals on specific items, then discounts on orders, 3 for 15 and so on. Not many sites do this, because of the complications on returns, and because they’d rather increase profits.
As mentioned by someone else, perhaps break order into multiples if making a big order, it simplifies things especially if you think may have to return something (lingerie or such like).

The thing that then comes in after for me is the level of customer service here, for me, sets a real standard not just for sex related stuff, but online shopping as a whole. The level is really incredible.
I made an order last night, 11pm, and had a worry about the delivery date (I need the items for Saturday). I spoke to someone on chat last night, a person! And they were helpful and knowledgeable. To be safe I made another order with express delivery (my mistake on first one) knowing I will return one of the orders.

Anyway, long story short, do they rip people off?
No, not in my opinion. They provide, for me, an excellent range of products across budgets, and an incredible focus on customer service.
I would say the couple of pounds lost in principal in this case would have been saved on the initial order or previous ones anyway.
You will not get the same discounts/service else where.
So no, not ripping people off at all. Just my opinion of course, but felt I needed to chirp up and say my bit on this one.