Do you (have to) try to keep it quiet?

Sorry another questioning thread (but it's only coz I'm getting to know you all)!

Reading lots of the reviews and threads on LH I know noise is a big issue for many people, so I was just wondering if you have to try to be quieter if you're a screamer or look out for quiet vibes etc, and if so who are you worried about hearing you - house mates, kids, parents, neighbours, someone else?

We're very lucky no kids, and we don't really care about the neighbours!

That said I think most people would agree that quieter vibes are nicer to anyone's ears!

id rather not use a toy that is stupidly loud as i find it distracting tbh. Saying that, most moderate noise can be drowned out with a bit of music so im not adverse to that.

As for being vocal, i try to remember im currently in a shared student house (sadly) but if im drunk that goes out of the window!

i'm in university halls so i have to be quiet to an extent but the people in the flats next to me dont really mind ( they make a lot of noise too)

i do try to keep a lid on it when i masturbate just out of self conciousness.

i haven't had sex in the halls, as the person i sleep with lives in a terraced house (end house) and hus neighbours are away a lot so it dosent matter how loud i am!

when we used to live in a flat it was in the attic of a very large converted old house and on occasion the neighbours underneath us did give us the odd strange stare!

kinkykitty wrote:

when we used to live in a flat it was in the attic of a very large converted old house and on occasion the neighbours underneath us did give us the odd strange stare!

heh im a student so if im around in the daytime i don't see anyone! plus the guy next door to me is greek and i hear him and his girlfriend who lives with him (contrary to the letting agreement) having sex and watching porn, so i figure its not a big deal if i occasionaly moan.

plus the person im sleeping with often sees his neighbours walking round naked so its fine lol!

Not so much now but the last few months have been a first; halls followed by shared student flat.

Maybe not a "have to", but I really need to keep it down in my house - it's a shared student house, and our walls are pretty horrific. I think that a papier mache wall would do a better job of sound insulation. It's not so much a matter of the girls being 'offended' at whatever's going on (we appreciate that some of us like the company of special friends, and special buzzy friends), but it's just mutual consideration. There's nothing more annoying than trying to have a nap, when my friend above me is screaming how good her fiance is! As I live next to the living room, too, it's better to keep the noise down.

As to vibes or masturbation, though, it's more a matter of self-consciousness; yeah, we do it, but I'd just rather my housemates not know when. Big mood killer. Plus, I don't like putting music on to cover up noise (tend to find it distracting more than anything), and when it's late at night, that isn't really an option. I miss Jessica Rabbit!

We live with my OH's parents so we have to try and be quiet....we don't mind if the neighbours hear, they're students so probably aren't too bothered (and they have lots of noisy parties so it would serve them right hehe), so when the house is empty we can be noisy


oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,, trying to be quiet is a joke,,im very vocal and the more noise i make the more my partner responds,but our son is in the bedroom next door!!,,,,we try to go to bed as late as possible to make sure hes sleeping heavily,otherwise we make the most of an empty house on his days off,which we love

Still live with my parents and two younger sisters so noise is a big issue. Have to keep quiet when having sex with OH 1- because mum would kill me if she knew what I was up to under her roof

2- out of respect. I wouldn't want to hear my mum n dad at it either!

It's hard tough, we rarely get any time to ourselves because there's always someone in our house, and he lives with his parents and younger brother and there's always someone in his house too. So we're quiet, but not out of choice!

I live with my parents and one of my sisters, so I generally try to keep it quiet. I'm a real screamer when I have an orgasm, but I generally gag myself with a pillow than try to quiet myself down, because I know its an impossible task. Vibe noise isn't much of an issue since I only ever use them during the day or in the evening rather than at night when everyone else is in bed, so there's always some background noise downstairs to distract people. When I'm on my own I usually put some music on to drown myself out (I get paranoid), but I dont bother when I'm with my boyfriend.

I do love the opportunity to be loud, and we always take full advantage of it when we get the house to ourselves. When it's just us and my sister I let myself be loud. She tends to know everything we do anyway, and she always has music on anyway. She tends to hear the walls banging, but its rare that she hears me and my OH, even when we're at our loudest.

Not quiet here at all. Shouting spitting and screaming and swearing and thats just when the match is on! LOL

Seriously, not when we're alone it is as I said above but when we're around the kids yes pretty quiet.

SG69 x

Im like SEXYGET...when our daughters in the house its quiet....but when were alone...oh hell yes!!!

I think it makes it more fun then being very vocal everytime we have sex...though i do find it hard to keep quiet coz im a bit of a moaner :D

As for vibrators...i tend to prefer the quietr ones, as my partner dosnt know i masturbate hahahaha...he thinks the toys are only used by the both of us at the same time :)

when me and my OH are at my house we have to be really quiet asi still live with my mum and dad and as ive got use to not making noise its ok.... apat from the bloody bed that makes so much noise even if you just move in your sleep! so you can imgen what its like when your up to naughties! however we still mange it lol.

when were at my OH's can do what we like as he has his own place and things get a lot more louder though as he lives above a shop we try to do out naughty things once its shut! or in the shower :P

one reason i dont want him to give up the flat after his 12 months up is out sex life will get much more difficult as were just be at mine and ive got used to us doing our own thing at the flat.


We normally don't worry about noise to much, the child sleeps soundly! As were moving back in with my mum though, and the hords of grandchildren that fill her house it will get more challanging. I'm not worried about my mum hearing as I've disscussed my sex life with her since I was a teen, so she knows what we get up to anyway. OH would disagree though, he is very self consious when we have parents in the house.

I still live with my parents so have to be quiet but I am anyway.

I just for the life of me cant make noise during sex. I dont know if its self consiousness or just me but I am very quiet. I need to focus on my thoughts to orgasm which I cant do if Im making noise.

I would love to be more vocal though as I feel a bit weird to be honest (everyone is different but it is nice to show apperication to your OH)

I heard that breathing through your mouth could help, has anyone else got any ideas how to unconsiously increase it? (No need to go OT only if already replying :D)

I find that breathing through my mouth does significantly increase the amount of noise I make, since each breath generally comes out with a noise. Sometimes I do the opposite and try to breathe through my nose to keep myself quiet!

I live in a student house, and my OH is a very early riser - and always gets extrememly randy early in the morning - like around 5/6 am! (I love lazy lie-ins but i'll never turn down a good romp!) - Anyway suffice to say we've woken the other students a few times and gotten knocks through the walls to get us to shut up! - Usually because of my squealing when i'm being spanked/whipped/flogged etc. I can't seem to help it though!

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

I'm more concerned about the creaky bed... One of these days the OH is going to rush into the bedroom after hearing a loud crash to find me with my legs akimbo and bed debris all around me...

This actually happened to us. I'll have to ask the OH if he stillhave the picture ofthe bed after lol

We don't really worry about noise, if the neighbours hear us they are not worried, we get on really well, once the kids are asleep they don't wake up but if they are in bed we usually do it downstairs anyway. The more vocal he gets the louder i get, it really turns me on!