Do you think wearing toys is a ok thing to do while out and about

Now there seems to be some people in the outside world who think wearing toys is only a good thing if its women doing it,it seems alot of people say if a man is wearing one and he cums using one,its a bit on the sick side etc..

It seems more acceptable for women to wear Toys and orgasam and get wet,but if its a bloke doing it well its a NoNo

Whats your views??

1: Gross for Males

2: Gross for Females

3: Gross for Both

4: Hot for both

5: Hot for Males

6: Hot for Women

7: Hot for men if he doesn't cum in his underwear

8: Dont Care

Well, to be honest, as open as I am to both sexes using sex toys, the whole out and about thing is a bit strange for either. I mean, fair enough the vibrexciter things sound really cool, but I'd only use it as part of a couples day/night out not on a normal day.

BTW- if this is a sly dig at James*whatever numbers* for his comment in your other thread, then just say so :)

First thing ill say: Nope its got nothing to do with what james said,well it kind of does,but not in a way im trying dig at him,its got me thinking is it a acceptable thing for both sexes or just the females etc

Me ive allways thought it was a woman thing only because they haven't really bought anything out for us men well thats any good untill now,if you read any mags news etc its allways about women wearing them

crayola: So you are saying its for couples when they got out for a meal/pub/club/shopping etc,but its not a thing if you are doing it alone meal/pub/club/shopping etc. yes i can see your opinion thats quite fair..

But say for example: My g/f is at home but she wanted just me to wear it while im out at work etc,would that be acceptable as i would also class that as a kind of forplay as she would be controlling the vibraexciter by sending me a text etc.. and by doing this she would be turning me on

its mone of those things we've both done as a couple, living 150 miles appart, a carefully chosen toy can provide instant forplay on the 3 hour journey exiting both of us ready topounce when the traveller gets home

I didnt mean to have a go at you or seem like a prick, just think its getting into dangerous territory when you're basically mastubating on the bus. isnt it more fun in the comfort of home, without kids and old people nearby? again, no offence.

I reckon the whole 'out and about' thing is no more than a gentle (and discreet) version of basic exhibitionism.

OK, so it's not exhibitionism as such! It's not as though one stands in the middle of the street and yells "Hey, look what I've got stuck up my [insert preferred orifice] here!" It's more subtle than that.
It's about being in a public place, while performing an act that others might look on as rude, and not letting on.

This morning, with my brand new "3 bangs (junior)" firmly and deeply embedded where the sun doesn't shine, I decided I needed to go shopping! But I live in the wilds of mid-Wales, so 'shopping' isn't just a matter of walking 100 yards down the road to Sainsburys! It meant a 26-mile round trip on my Suzuki AN400, to find an establishment that roughly equated to a supermarket.
Huh! Pardon me while I puke.

The journey itself was exciting! Every bump in the road produced delightful sensations, and when I got to the shop my jeans were feeling rather damp in places. I was praying that it didn't show.
Of course, once I got into the shop I bumped into a woman I knew! We hadn't met for a few weeks, so there was a fair bit of chat to exchange! And guess what - my '3 Bangs' decided that THAT was the best time to try expelling itself!
It's hard to be discreet about shoving something back up your arse while chatting in the 'cheese and butter' aisle of a supermarket! I tried to make it look as though my underpants had just chosen an inconvenient moment to get stuck in the crevice, and my lady friend was being very careful not to notice what I was doing!
The ride home was just as erotically thrilling as the ride out. When I got indoors and could check, I found that my underwear had absorbed everything. So phew, no problem!

Yes, James55, you're right - it all boils down to masturbating on a bus. But any sweet, enjoyable act can always be described in a way that makes it seem crude or disgusting. The most profound act of sweet, sincere love can always be dismissed as a fuck, can't it?
If this private and discreet form of exhibitionism doesn't turn YOU on, that doesn't mean we all have to stop doing what we enjoy and restrict ourselves to whatever perversities you yourself might find amusing.

That wouldn't be nice at all happycamper,but i dont see it a problem if someone has a toy which knowone knows about,as long as that person is not touching themselves

QUOTE- If this private and discreet form of exhibitionism doesn't turn YOU on, that doesn't mean we all have to stop doing what we enjoy and restrict ourselves to whatever perversities you yourself might find amusing.

Now hang on- difusing an argument before it starts: I don't think anyone has said anything of the sort. He meerly expressed an opinion. There are a lot of things different people find gross that others don't. They're as free to express that opinion as you are to say its nice.

Jezzer- re. the girl exciting you at work thing: I can see the point of her being able to turn you on from far away when you're lounging around or on your way to meet her or whatever, but when you're expected to interact with other people for work, shopping etc then I don't like the idea. Fair enough for those who do, but I'd find it a bit disrespectful really.

Now what about legal reasons,masturbating out is a nono by the law but what would happen if the police found out you were wearing a toy?

Well let me answer that one, we would talk about it in the canteen, might even retain it if found during the course of a search, to prevent you coming to any harm!!! No names mentioned but a VERY FAMOUS tv personality once left his suitcase in a pub. When he recovered it he took all of a millisecond to do so. Reason -the 12 inch dildo !!! Stormed out of the station before anyone recognised who he was!!! No offence my friend.

Happycamper- Friends Together thread- pick your part and enjoy !!!!

tallboy is a cop? God I'm turned on... lol j/k

very hot for both dont see any problem with it!
provising you dont have anything too noisy imagine peoples faces as your out and about and making very loud suspicios noises! lol!

TBH i think these kind of toys are good and fun as long as you dont use it in a pervy way

I only think toys should be worn to excite and orgasam if it is not being used in a way thats not pervy they should be worn to excite you not to help you get excited because you have see someone soso sexy and you want to get turned on by that

A toy should be used instead of a person,so normally you see someone and get excited well this is what the toy is for its a imaginary person

Do you understand what i wrote or have i made it sound garbish and not understandable?

Makes perfect sense jezzer, we all live in an age that recognises the value of diversity after all. Biggest sex organ is the brain after all... nuff said eh !!!!
Yep Crayola, campus raid this coming Friday !! Don't get caught ha ha.
Tallboy. Have ordered the bell end tingler after your writings, could make for more of a buzz at work ha.!

Pervy. Interesting.

Er.... so Jezzer, am I pervy?

I just happen to like the feel of something occupying the rectal cavity.

How different is that from, say, liking the feel of woollen socks on the feet? Or liking the taste of oysters?
If I wear woollen socks in public, that might be seen by somebody else. If I eat oysters in a restaurant, people might see.

If I push something through my anal sphincter and retain in there while I go shopping, who's to know? Or care? And even if that 'something' causes a slight problem (see my posting above) requiring a teensy weensy personal adjustment, whose business is it, apart from mine?

To some people, everything is 'pervy' if it's not missionary position, and dealt with quickly and privately.
To others, anything goes and nothing's 'pervy'.

Well, actually ... (sigh) ... I suppose I must be pretty pervy by anyone's standards!

Hey Greebo im not sure if you understood what i said?

The only thing makes it pervy is if you were doing because you have seen someone that gets you all excited,and instead of leaving at that you use your toy to get off

OK Jezzer! I think I see what you mean, and wasn't taking offence! But I suppose I AM using my toys to 'get off'! Getting off means deriving pleasure, and believe you me, I'm deriving peasure!

Its ok to wear a toy to get off as long as you are not looking at a sexy person while you are getting off Err dont know if that made any sense

Ill think ill keep it at that

This will make it easier Greebo i see no problem what you were doing with your toy

Jezzer, I reckon you're well OK, except you have a problem if someone wants to pleasure himself/herself while contemplating an, er, 'sexy person'.

Am I allowed to think about, say, Juliette Greco as I ease my selected toy into my orifice of preference?
Back in those days I used to be really really fixated on Juliette Greco. She was a sexy person! Better than Edith Piaf any day!

Does anyone remember Edith Piaf? Or Juliette Greco? Or am I irretrieveability old?

Actually, these days I usually just think of me. Me.
OK, I'm self-centred. I just mention this so that you don't think i'm pervy, by your standards, too.

I'm beginning to think I understand what you mean by 'pervy', Je