Early start to Januhairy!

Last year we both grew our pubes during the winter. I had never seen my wife with pubes as she always shave from before I met her in fact she introduced me to the smooth look. Having just returned home from a holiday we decided to give it a go again. I do love her hairy armpits which I love to lick and nuzzle and running my fingers through her bush in the winter. I can’t wait.

Go for it!

I've started trimming rather than shaving - mainly due to sensitive skin issues - but I love some underarm hair on OH and now myself too. Seems to carry those sexy phemerones further. Much more fragrant than stubbly sticky deodorant pits, imo.

Yes, why not eh, it's a lot less hassle than all the palaver involved with hair removal!

I usually only subject mine to a light trim most times anyway but I'm currently letting it all grow back. Haven't tried not shaving my armpits before but maybe I'll give that a go too this winter.

I too read somewhere that hair traps pheromones better and sends out all those sexy signals.

I love it when my GF let's her armpit hair grow a bit, it really does capture the pheremones, but I'm really turned on by smell and taste. After 20 years together she is only starting to understand I prefer her natural scent to whatever deodorants happened to be on bogof at Tesco. Hopefully the cold weather will mean she shaves less.

I wax my forearms, pluck my eyebrows etc, but other than that I've been letting my body hair grow since March. I did trim my labia about 1.5 month ago for a partner, but it's almost at full length again.

What I love the most is my armpit hair.

I made a post about it (women who don't remove their body hair) back in May, if anyone's interested: www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/off-topic/1783565-women-who-dont-shave/#p1783565 (sorry, can't add an active link)

I actually go from smooth to really short pubic hair in winter . But I remembered to stop trimming my beard and hair to try and be a better Santa this year .

Yes as winter fast approaching I let my bush go wild

Yes as winter fast approaching I let my bush go wild

Regarding armpits, i`m glad i`m not the only one who likes licking them, smooth or hairy, an overlooked erogenous zone! After all we lick elsewhere!

I love hubbies hairy armpits chest and back. He is still smooth down below. I will for now stay smooth for him but may grow my undead arm hair and see if he likes it. Xx

Just stopped shaving my pubic triangle a week or so ago. Did this last winter and looked weird with a full bush. Will be a challenge not to shave it off after a few weeks .... hate it when it gets so long that hairs get trapped under the foreskin.