Ejaculating but not an orgasm, what is this?

I was playing about with my new toy and it was on my prostate I believe, and in the middle of my play, I was ejaculating, but it wasn't an orgasm and I wasn't more sensitive or getting softer, I just, was leaking. Anybody had this before? What's going on?

I think this is quite common. You are pushing on the part that is making you want to pee. Its just like male ejaculation just without the sperm.

I've never done it myself but have had the feeling.

I think the reason you are not orgasming is because you are not stimulating the right part for you.

Pre cum is clear, I had a whole lot more of that than usual, and then it was actual sperm that came out, but I didn't feel the contractions of orgasm

Unless pre cum is not clear when I massage the prostate

Jinjo, I wasn't trying to orgasm, I was holding off, but the sperm came anyway, I was able to orgasm, but I didn't yet, I'm just really confused and a little worried

This was my first time, I wouldn't know what an anal orgasm feels like

From what's been said, sounds like you've hit the jackpot; this is a perfectly normal male rsponse to direct prostate stimulation. It does differ from man to man, but this is one of the more typical responses.

Have a look up prostate milking for a bit more info

Alone, yes I was, and I am not too sure, perhaps with time and practice I will be able to figure out what an anal orgasm feels like.

Sum sub... I think you're right, I managed to *cough cough* 'research video evidence' *cough* of what you said. It looks very similar, no actual orgasm, but leaking cum, and quite a lot too

What you're describing there, alone, is what I know as a ruined orgasm. I wasn't actually edging, or close to orgasm at the time, I was just, trying to keep things going for as long as I could, while it was feeling so damn amazing

Alone, I'm a lucky guy, I don't have problems trying to orgasm, I often have problems stopping myself lol. But if you're meaning, don't try to have an anal orgasm, then I understand, it will happen if it happens.

A blended orgasm, you mean both a regular penis orgasm, combined with an anal orgasm? That sounds incredible. I had a hard time staying quiet with just playing, with no orgasms. I'm concerned what noises I'll end up making :P

Anyway, I think sum sub found the answer. Thank you!

Also all who messaged, thank you for teaching me things :)

I can't wait until I can try it out again. For science lol. I need to research types of orgasm ;)

I wasn't even near an orgasm, I was just there, sat on my toy, stroking away, and the only indication of ejaculating I had was feeling a slight pressure work its way from inside, through the centre of my penis, to the tip, and then it spilled out :O

Its precum or seminal fluid.

Seminal vesicle adds this fluid to sperm to give it nourishment and protect it in the womb from the acidic environment.

When you stimulate the prostate it can lead to release of the fluid which I guess is what you experienced.

Might want to look up prostate play, its quite interesting and is another experience in itself.

alone4ever wrote:

Were you masturbating at the same time as anal play.

You would know if you had one it's like a normal male orgasm times 10.

OMG, that happened to me today.

The wierd thing was I was feeling it, and getting hot and slippery, but wasnt getting fully 'fledged', as it were, at the front till I started to masturbate.

But I have been able to cum before without getting all hard.
Is that all normal?

Jackador, so precum can be white? Hmm, I've never had that before.
It's fun, being new to butt stuff.

I'm going to go a few days without orgasm and then see if I can orgasm without touching anything, only using my toy... Perhaps I will just leak again... I'm not sure. Anyone done that before?

And Zephron, to answer your question on the old thread, it was the same consistency and colour as regular sperm, just more of it

Zephron, did you feel it making its way through your penis, with no other indication? Just you look down and it looks like you came but you didn't

Pastrnak - Mine is clear, and it just sort of oozes out every now and again.

Okay, I believe that is pre cum. I've managed to get a whole lot of that with my toy. But the ejaculation I was having was white and, as far as I am aware, the very same stuff that comes out when you have a regular orgasm, except it feels no different to when pre cum leaks out