Fav Sex Positions

Happy Friday.

Tonight is date night for me which means time to get lucky. What is everyones fav sex positions as it's going be a long night and would love to find some new ones to try.

My fav are doggy with me pulling her hair and spanking her and then with her riding me nice and hard.


Ooh sounds good, lucky you getting some action tonight hehe! ;D

My personal favourite is cowgirl, as I get to be in control and it feels amazing! However, another favourite of mine that you could try is lap dance - it's intimate and feels really good, especially when you get a good rhythm going :) x

Sounds like you've got your plan already in you head ...

how about adding some ties and maybe a gag to the mix, a few ice cubes and maybe some warming lubes ... let the teasing commence

Ours is missionary, we can cuddle, kiss, look into eachothers eyes, it's the most loving as far as we're concerned

1 of my favourites with OH is her on her back with her legs together in the air, and i'll kiss the backs of her legs and thighs then slide my hands down to her clit and play with that at the same time for extra stimulation.

Another favourite though is reverse cowgirl, just watchin her ride it is a huge turn on and you could spank and pull hair in that position too.

We had spontaneous sex downstairs, and i ended up bent over the sofa arm. With the thrusting i was being pushed forwards and ended up with my feet off the floor, and kind of balancing my stomach on the arm rest and just resting my weight on my arms.

it was really good because it was like i was weightless and floating!

Anything spontanious for me, but I love the Lotus positon

My all time favourite is doggy style, probably his favourite too! I just love the feeling it gives me when he slides in really deep and spanks me, or pushes my neck down and pins me to the bed.. oooh!

Other than that I love missionary... I know it seems boring but it's such a lovely intimate position and I find I'm able to climax quite easily in that position with all the grinding and such, and it's an added bonus that we can look at each other and kiss etc.

I've been trying to find a name for it, but I can't find one. Husband lays on his side and I lay perpendicular to him on my back, with the leg closest to his head over the top of his hip and the other leg between his legs.

Anyone know if this has a name? We just call it "the sideways thing".

Must say I love doggy style myself but my other half doesn't feel the same way. I get the feeling it hurts her somehow but she always says no, she's very quick to change when the opportunity arises though

Reverse Cowgirl

I love doggy style. My husband has me at his control he can bend me all the way over, he can sit me up or lean me back. He can spank me or pull my hair... Plus he rubs me in all of the right places.

My favourite is doggy style. Hubby bought a double strap on for Xmas and using it in this position is amazing !

Another vote for doggy style here, too. I really want to try out our magic wand while doing doggy, I hear that the guy feels the vibrations from inside the lady - I hear it's pretty nice for her, too!

I also quite like it when she has her legs up on my shoulders. I like the idea of cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, but for some reason whenever we try her on top I end up slipping out, or there's some other issue... we just can't seem to get the rhythm down.