Favourite view during sex

100% when I’m inbetween my OH legs looking back up at her! It’s a show I could watch on repeat


I love watching the boobs moving about why banging!

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Mine is pre sex but I love to see an asshole or vagina through sexy underwear or just a peak of what’s underneath. My wife knows my kryptonite is a g-string and when she bends over. Wow! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Reverse cowgirl, love the view. Would love to try with a strap-on / sleeve.

Doggy, BJ, 69 & always love watching someone cum with a vibrator - hanging to see an enthusiastic lady enjoying. Toys, toys, toys.

Love when my wife rides on top of me cowgirl and bends over doggy style and bounces up and down. Normal she has her wand vibrator on her clit and make her squirt like mad

My fav is reverse cowgirl so I can see everything which drives me​:fire:! Also when I’m visiting the thighs looking up is such a turn on seeing here turned on​:heart_on_fire:

We never do that reverse cowgirl thing, but the other night my wife was wearing a very saucy bodystocking and she said, “let’s do reverse cowgirl, it’ll look great in this outfit!”

She was not wrong!!! :eyes: :heart:


Last time I mainly posted about what I like to see doing her. But I have also love the few of her doing me. Seeing her with wear wearing a nice strapon is amazing, but what really gets me going is seeing the dildo or her fist sliding in and out of my ass, that is just wow.

  • When my husband strokes himself while he goes down on me, and knowing that it gets him off. I know that his ex hated it so for me, seeing him enjoy me like that (and knowing that he can get off from it) is a massive turn-on.
  • That sexy little smile when he plans on edging me with his tongue for what feels like hours and I know there is NOTHING I can do.
  • The view from my knees while he’s deep in my throat (and the one that follows shortly after when my eye contact game almost destroys him :wink: )
  1. My wife looking up at me sucking my dick as i cum.

  2. The sight of my wife’s arse and pussy while having a 69. Or when she squirts on my face after using a toy to cum.

  3. This is a dream/fantasy, the wife with another woman during a 3’some.

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The moment her body tenses up before she orgasms the pure tension and build up and release

And the view when she’s on her front and lifts her hips so her ass and pussy is exposed

I like this thread :slight_smile:
I just remembered a time when the kids were out unexpectedly and my wife surprised me with a kinky outfit.
I’d been suggesting that we had sex, and she wasn’t particularly in the mood so I didn’t think it was going anywhere.
Then she totally surprised me by leaving the bedroom for a while and returning dressed in a french maid costume with hold up tights and saying, “maybe a blow job I suppose”!
At one point, she was lying across the bed, doing her thing to me, and I was using my fingers to do something to her.
She pulled the skirt up a bit and then she started using her fingers on her clit, while I had my fingers in her V.
That kind of thing just DOES IT for me!!!
I have that image burned in my brain as one of my favourite bed adventure memories - she was 100% pure sexiness in that moment :heart: :heart: :heart: