Feel SO happy!! - Opening up about sexual fantasies to partner

So, my partner has always been quite shy about talking about fantasies etc. He's never really spoke to me about what he's really in to. You'd think after 5 years and 3 kids we would be past that stage but it never really bothered us. Since we have been introduced to Lovehoney we have had an amazing sex life, the best we've had ever so to Lovehoney thanks for that!! The other night, he had a few drinks (not drunk but still a bit tipsy) I was doing my usual looking on here at the forums etc and he all of a sudden started opening up about his fantasies. He told me he was always quite turned on by male porn. I was so surprised as I really didn't expect it at all!! He knows I'm in to lesbian porn (even though I'm not lesbian it's just what I'm in to). He then started talking about she males and spilling all this dirt about what he used to watch on porn and think about when he masterbates. I said to him 'used to?' I then told him not to feel embarrased or that he can't talk to me about these things. We spent the rest of the night talking about what he likes and what he has thoughts about. The next day I thought, 'I bet we won't be having that comversation again' but we did :). Even though he says he wouldn't want to actually physically try any of these things, he says it's just his fantasy, it's still really important to me that he's told me all this and I now feel like I finally know him 100% over the past 5 years lol! Pointless post really but just to let you all know how important this is to me and I am really happy it's not just me telling him what I like :) x

It so good to see that your partner has opend up. It may not stop there though . You may also find further things out in the future. Ive been married 19 years and only found out last year that my OH enjoys having her bottom lightly spanked . I found that out by accident when she was riding me reverse cowgirl one night and I couldn't resist.

The question is have you opened up about your fantasies . I think this opening up is important and allows you to become better lovers .It all comes down to communicaion . More you comminicate the better and easier it will be.

Well done and good luck .

Thanks guys <3 I have always been quite open about what I'm in to. Even in the past I have always really been in to opening up and enjoying as much as I can. Even if it was a one night stand lol. My partner has sadly not had a lot of good experience with women, this he has told me many times. The 5 women he has slept with were near enough all one night stands and pretty quick (his words lol) His EX was also a head f*ck and made him feel really rubbish about himself especially in bed. One time before they ended while they were getting intimate she turned round and looked at him and said 'what the f*ck am I even doing here with u'. She then told him he didn't satisfy her like anyone else has for her. This was the blow that made him so shy and lack confidence when it comes to the bedroom. She still tried to keep him as a play thing until I came in to the picture, he realised what she was. I for one would never ever want a man to feel like that about himself. No one should have their confidence knocked in the bedroom! I think that's what it could be Black_Magic. I don't get turned on much by any other porn apart from female masterbation and woman on woman lol so weird! I used to think there was a possibility I was Bi but came to realise I am only into men (physically) lol! x

That's great to hear BadNic! Your poor OH, what he's been through with ex partners sounds so humiliating and horrible, I'm not surprised it's taken him a while. I bet he feels loads better now that he's opened up to you :)

I've always been very open with my partner and we experiment with a lot of new things sexually, but for some reason it's taken me 4 1/2 years to bring up BDSM, even though I've been interested in it for a long time. I think LH played a big part in this, as I see a lot of threads pop up about BDSM and there are lots of enticing bondage items for sale, I couldn't help but fantasise about it! He's made a lot of fun of 50 shades though (as have I), so I didn't think he'd be up for it, but surprisingly he loves dominating me now and we have a lot of fun with BDSM.

It's amazing how sharing one little thing can spice up your sex life so much, and really strengthens the trust between you :)

Sounds like he has found his feet with you. I suppose I have been lucky that I have never tried to have a relationship with what I call a predetary women as you described above.

Myself, I am an old fashioned romantic and wouldn't last 2 minutes in that sort of company. My Mrs loves me for being that way .

For some reason I have always accepted that straight women can enjoy woman on woman porn. I just think the female form is much more attractive and visually appealing than the male form . Also women tend to be far more sensual .Just my opinion :)

I know boogaloo some people can be so horrible!! That's great u finally opened up about BDSM and I really believe that lovehoney has been a saviour to thousands of couples :) I think that's the biggest reason I'm so happy is that he has trusted me so much to tell me how he feels and what he's in to after been put through so much crap in the past. I love him loads and can't understand how he has never had any luck he's such a good catch lol. I think it's partly because he's such a gentleman and always wants to please everyone else. Mysteron you've been really lucky to find ur wife and not be messed around with in the past. I think I could agree with u on women porn being a bit more appealing. X

It's my oh who introduced me to toys and open up about fantasy expression and possible to act out.
It's differently open up our love making with the help of LH.
Some kinks she is not into, how do I fulfill my open expressed fantasy. Or should I just except it's a fantasy and never will be roleplay and fun.
Its all good fun.open up and take a risk.......

Well done to you BadNic and your partner for the courage. I am not that brave. We've been together 10 years and I still don't have the courage to fully open up! I get the 'that's gross' response before I get anywhere in the discussion 😔 I envy you!

Twincats I too introduced the idea to the oh :) Aw Hotdog that's such a shame. Never say never though, it's took my partner a lot of courage to open up to me I think and if you do, ur partner might not be so negative about it if she sees how trusting it feels to share those kind of thoughts and at least u are trying to open up about what u like. You can always talk to us on here at least :) x

yeah you are right I am sure BadNic x