Female sterilisation experience

I’m due to have my procedure on 7th April - yay!

For those of you that have had female sterilisation, particularly using Filshie clips, what was your experience?

Pain after?
How long was recovery?
Any tips or things to make sure I ask?
How long did you use contraception for afterwards?


Congrats! :partying_face:

I got Filshie clips in 2019 when I was 29. Time sure flies.

You have to not eat or drink anything the night before. I was in the waiting room for hours with nothing as I was the last person on the list that day. Got there at 7am and didn’t go home until like 7pm because my body was so dehydrated that it wouldn’t let me pee (they won’t let you go home until you do). I kept throwing up as well - just coming out the wrong end :roll_eyes: The op itself was only about 20 minutes.

Not much pain to be honest. More discomfort from the gas than anything. Didn’t give me any special painkillers, antiseptics or anything like that. Just told me to use any painkillers I wanted. After the op, it feels like my shoulders have been whacked. I also felt my abdomen was bloated for a few days after (making me look slightly preggers, too). I was told to drink some peppermint tea to help with the gas.

Have to be slightly careful with the stitches as they are in a place where your clothes can rub easily. I got a rash on my skin where they put that orange stuff too, but it went away after a few washes.

Recovery was pretty quick and I was back in work after about 5 days. Just made sure to not strain myself. I work in an office so not exactly physically taxing.

I kept my implant in for a few weeks then had it removed for the last time. Very liberating. I chose not to have sex with my partner for the month after the op to be extra safe. However, I could masturbate with my hand (no penetration) after about a week and then with my usual toys after about 2 weeks because I was starting to climb the walls :sweat_smile: