What pubic hair style do you like on your man?

genuinely dosent bother me , be it full bush , trimmed ,shaved .. whatever . i draw the line at pejazzles though ... * shudder*

A bit of light pruning is always appreciated from my PoV, if for no other reason than having my nose tickled during a BJ makes me sneeze. Apparently that can be quite off putting lol

I like him trimmed up. He uses my Bikini Trimmer

I love my oh shaved ;-) x

She definitely prefers me shaved. So after an initial trim I just use a cheap blade everytime I shower to keep myself smooth down there.

Trimmed. Long pubes are a no no, they tickle when you have sex, they get up your nose when you give a BJ and you get your fingers tangled when giving a hand job.

Do us a favour and keep it short!!

i like it shaven or very well trimmed

As far as looks go im not fussed but prefer trimmed or shaved as he does with me as its just nicer for oral etc.

Never been with a man who was anything but natural down there and never had any problems with BJs.

Thank you all for your help on this, and have gone for the shaven haven look. Hope my OH loves it as much as I do x :)


I like my man trimmed or shaved

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Same here smooth in the summer and designer stubble the rest of the time.

Trimmed, but not bald. I like to feel like I’m with a sexy, confident man :slight_smile:

We both just feel it’s polite to keep things tidy if we expect the other to put their face down there!

My husband doesn’t mind how I am but I like to keep mine neat, my hubby is super short thanks to me and my clippers :rofl:

I hope that’s just his pubes that you are talking about!?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: yes


I love the wife to be bald just love licking her will there is no hair there. I trim above my cock so it’s pretty short but then for the base of my cock and balls I shave with a razor so it’s really smooth. She then really enjoys going down and giving him a good suck.