G spot

I have just bought a G want from Anne Summers, and this may sound stupid but where exactly is your g spot situated? When I put the new vibrator inside should the curved part be pointing towards the belly button or behind?

Hi ainsley you G spot is located toward the front of your vagina so your new toy should be pointing towards your belly button.
Hope you have fun with it and please let us know how good it is as Im on the hunt for a couple of new toys.

...and it works!!

Hi... agreeing with Loverabbits here, please let us know how you get on with it as G Spot stimulation isn't something I can achieve alone (little fingers :( )so thinking a toy might be the perfect solution!

wow... I love my new toy... it's been soooo long since I'v been online thanks to my new toy, i can't put it down... well worth the £20