Getting over the fear with cow girl

We’ve been together 14 years, I’ve always fantasised about it and my mrs has always had a fear of what she’d look like/am I too big etc (probably insecurities a lot women have) we’ve both always wanted it but she never tried it till late last year, once she tried it and got a good rhythm that’s it, she wants it all the time.

I cum so quickly whenever she gets on top now, love it


My wife loves going on top she likes the control, it turns me so much it’s one of our favourite positions


I’m not allowed to do cowgirl very often because a) I get power-hungry and b) he never lasts when I get all insatiable on him :grin: I’m a curvy girl, but if I want to ride, I’m gonna ride :grin:

Confidence, truthfully, can be both your biggest ally and your worst enemy. You need to believe that you are where he wants you to be, you need to believe that it can feel good for you (and for him). You need to believe that you are not too big to do cowgirl, that there are undoubtedly women out there as big as (and possibly much bigger than) you who are doing cowgirl, who aren’t letting their perceptionf of themselves stop them.

If it helps you, I have kinda similar hang-ups about face-sitting. It all sounds a bit daft really, but I can’t imagine that I’m that attractive when he’s got my personal business inches from his face. It’s daft, but to me it feels a bit rude, even if I’m completely fine with oral :joy:


Everybody’s thoughts are good . The majority of me being ridden cowgirl from multiple women over the last almost 50 years has been wonderful . Women have a tendency of thinking they look like Java the Hut from Star Wars . Most of us guys see you similar to Shallow Hal . First off , If your man loves you , in his eyes you are beautiful and hot . Pretty much every woman I have had the pleasure of being ridden cowgirl may have had to been talked into it . But other than a cramp here and there , once riding my manhood they all got into it . Over the years with my wife , only a couple times she got so wild I thought she broke my cock ( which can actually happen ) . She often turned into a wild animal riding my cock . I always enjoyed watching her tits sway and how she would grind into my erection .


As others have said girl on top is a fantastic position, it gives the guy a fantastic view and leaves his hands free to stroke, squeeze and caress you. If you’re facing him he has a wonderful opportunity to kiss and suck your breasts. If riding in reverse he has a beautiful view of your ass.

Regarding movement I really enjoy that my partner is really using me to get herself off so focus on movement that stimulates you and encourage your partner to match your thrusts if that helps. I especially love it when my partner kind of does pelvic thrusts, the feeling of her ass clenching and her vagina really squeezing my penis is incredible and she seems to enjoy to deep penetration and stimulation to her clit.

Both myself and my OH are bigger people and I love her doing Cowgirl, especially when she leans forward and her breasts are in my face

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I feel you. I found what helped me once was he was wearing one of lovehoney’s vibrating cock rings and I basically just used him for myself as well as he thrusted from below. That was very hot. Except then I couldn’t keep going because I could only shake from the orgasms. Maybe try that and just do it for you and see where it gets you.


We do cow girl occasionally, not enough though. Yes we were finding it hard to always keep inside if she was thrusting, but with advice from this forum now she nows concentrates more of grinding and pelvis rotation. At times to help us both get over the line together she will raise up and I’ll do the quicker thrusting that she cant quite keep that rhythm.

Just remember that us men when we need or are having sex, we are often thinking within or little head and not our big one, so we see things so much differently then :wink:

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My girlfriend is curvy. I wish she’d go on top with me, she tried cowgirl but didn’t find it comfortable. There’s a lot more work for the woman to do when riding on top I think. We’ll give it another go sometime but right now we’re enjoying other positions.

Well you where all right! He told me he was on cloud 9 having a younger woman fancy him! Oh my days he knows what hes doing! We took it in turns who was on top but he made me cum 3 times by him just using his hands! Safe to say i woke up a very happy woman this morning! :blush: