Glass - help please!

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a newbie to all this, but I thought I'd ask your advice. I've ordered a glass toy for my girlfriend, and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how best to utilise it?! I've read a bit about the hot/cold aspect but my girlfriend seems to hate anything cold (on the outside of her body) so I'm assuming she'd be the same about this (or could I be wrong?).

Anyway, to warm it up, is it best to use hot water, and will it need to be 'reheated'?

I've also got her a bullet vibe to go with it, so I'm hoping the two go together. Should be a nice christmas present (if I can wait that long - very much doubt it though!).

Any help/tips/advice will be greatly appreciated (especially by her, hopefully!).

i would run it under cold cold water then use it or put in the freezer, i remember useing an ice cube on my girl while i finger fucked her and she said it was intence

Well if your missus doesn't like the new glass dildo, leave it in the fridge & you can stick it in a glass & use it to keep your beer cold!

Seriously, only use hot water from the tap, leave it in for a few minutes & test it somewhere sensitive before you spear your good lady. They are also nice when cooled (fridge is ok but NEVER Freezer!) .

NEVER use boiling water or microwaves, they might not seem that hot at first but ouch .... you can guess the rest!

Welcome to the madhouse, Enjoy!

Cheers for the advice. I'd probably have gone straight for the kettle so good job I asked!!

Liking the beer suggestion too. If she doesn't like it cold I'll keep a pint on standby!

Hullo to you both. Yeah try a bowl of warm water nearby so you can warm it up again. I wouldn't try cold coz it's obviously not her thing (not mine either). Have fun, maybe talk dirty to her aas you use it on her if you think she'd like that.

Hi and thanks. She's not really into dirty talk - at least I don't think she is - I've been too scared to try! Think I should have come to this site years ago!!

Yeah it's a good site and a nice bunch of peeps.

There are answers to all your question kicking around somewhere on this forum & even answers to questions you never knew that you never knew!

It's always an eye opener (and other things) on these pages.

Never be afraid to ask! You'll get your leg pulled a fair bit on here too so be ready to defend one's honour!

Thanks. They arrived today - now, I either need to find somewhere to hide them, or just give in now and surprise her early (I'll probably go for the latter!).

Why dont you just try it as normal and then ask her if she would like to have it cold or hot?

Yeh, probably safer that way. I'd ideally like to maximise it's potential on the first go, but if I get it wrong it'll probably end up in the bin (or as a novelty beer cooler!).

I have the g spot one and go steady with how you use it. It has such a distinct curve on it and is obviously so hard (being glass) that you just need to rub over the g spot rather than pressing to hard. OH got a bit carried away using it on me and I had to reprimand him!!!

does she have any other toys?

Yeh, we've got a couple. She uses the rabbit mostly, but only really for the ears - she hates the rotation setting and don't think she likes it being rubbery, so I've got her a bullet vibe, and this glass dildo instead. Think it's the orgasmic ribbed one, so it's straight. I promise to be careful though!

that sounds good, and if she love clit stuff the bullet is brill.

yes i think youve done well there and she will be a very happy lady on christmas morning, if you can wait that long, bet you cant X

Yeh, I could wait til christmas, but she has been very good recently. I mean, she cooked for me last week - surely that deserves a present?! She's been away with work for a couple of days, back tomorrow, so it's perfect timing really. See - persuaded myself already!

why wait then, if she really enjoys it you can order her something else, by the way im on commission

Might try to work slowly up to using the freezer then if she likes it. Although it already sounds perfect for my beer.

Doubt we'll be dropping it on to a stone floor from a great height - we're not quite that adventurous! It's good to know how safe they are. I bet it'll be the first question asked!

what you mean not "what are you goin to do wilth that" but " will it smash if we drop it" i dont think so

I also have a straight glass dildo - the love labs twin way. And these are among my favourite toys - absolutely frictionless. I recommend them chilled. Could you hide it under the bed in an ice bucket and then blindfold her and surprise her with it? God I'd love that!