Well after you lovely people gave me advice as to which glass dildo to purchase, I took the plunge and was very happy with it...very very happy! Me and the b/f went to a hotel for a night and it was his first experience with a glass dildo. Anyway we both very much enjoyed our new toy...until....we came to leave the next morning and could we find it!? Nope!! Lost it somewhere in the room!! I think the people in the room after us or cleaners may get a suprise if they find it!! Gutted I've lost my lovely glass dildo!!! A couple of days of pleasure...then gone!

OH noooooooooooooo! :(

I hope its hidden in our bag in a hidden pocket?

Awwwwww :-( hunni

:-( I'd so enjoyed using it as well. I turned that room upside down moved furniture out and everything but still couldn't find it!! Guess I'll be buying another one!!

U haven't left it inside ur erm mini have you ;)

Think I might notice if I had!! ;-)

Ah well. Lost it is :(

Lost it is!! :-( better be buying a new one then!! How do things just disappear!!!

Tax man usually gets it ;)

oh no gutted, if you turned the hole room upside down you sure it wasnt hidden inside something else like inside the duvet or inside something else u have in your bag because i have had that happen before

I'd so call the hotel!!! The cleaners will have found it and if they haven't then they're not cleaning rooms very well! EW!

I am not sure I would dare to call a hotel and ask if they found my sex toy... uhm

But sorry about the loss! Would be even worse if the dildo was discontinued. Hope you can still get the replacement

Since I've worked in a hotel you'd be amazed at how many people leave kinky things behind. So it was no surprise when people called to ask after them. Particularly expensive items. Let's face it - from my point of view (as an employee) I'd like to reunite you with your belongings. We giggled a week ago when we found it so I wouldn't bat an eyelid if you called.

But on another note - due to the nature of the item the hotel is unlikely to call you to ask if it's yours. So unless you call them - you won't know.

Hmm, I may give them a call and see whether they found "anything" in the room ;-) if not then it'll be one of those mysteries!!

Aww, I feel for ya! It's the worst feeling in the world when you lose a toy.

I've just had to replace my bullet after losing my alltime favourite.