Hair colour preferences?

Hi Ladies and Gents

What hair (head) colour are you attracted to most and why? Blonde, brunette or redheads?

Or do you like bright colours such as blue or purple?

Do you prefer short or long hair on your OH? Or no hair at all?

I prefer long hair on female but i'm not too bothered by colour; I love the long hair because I find it feminine.

On male I don't have that many prefrences but I like at least a little bit of hair.

I prefer dark hair on a guy kept reasonably short, I agree with Emily though girls look more sexy and femine with long hair but with reguards to colour not fussed x

Doesn't matter as long as it suits the person.

i always like long hair on my OH, not too fussy about colour, but prefer straight to curly!

My Hubby seems to be attracted to Brunettes when I asked him what famous people he fancies but I'm a redhead (I think he fancies me). Just wondered if this is the same for anyone else.

I prefer dark hair as well, luckily he's got dark brown hair.

It really does depend on the person, I would generally say longer hair for women but if short hairs suits the person then thats fine.

For men I prefer a medium length, not too long, not too short.

Colour wise, it doesn't matter too much but I prefer darker colours, brunettes, dark red, black etc.

ive never pushed anyone to wear a wig put it that way! lol

I love bald men, shaved heads just do it for me. I like my ladies to have long dark hair but TBH if someone makes me laugh, they´ve got me.

I never had so much attention from the guys though as I got when I was a red head, it was insane

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I love love love Pink hair!! maybe not on guys but who knows.. I love people that experiment with there hair and dont just act like lemmings following the trends.. think dark hair is nice with contrasting light colours added.. love men with a bit of a mowhawk or two..

I also love the feel of a shaved head..

My OH has long hair and I love it! At the minute I have dreads - he's not that keen on them but I love them!

Gina, how about the feel of a shaved head AND lots of nice rough stubble/goatee beard....NOW we are talking

I would have to say dark hair as thats what OH has, it may be shorter and have more grey in it than when we met 14 years ago but it suits him perfectly, none of the kids got his hair colour but the youngest got his lovely brown eyes :)

It all depends on the person my step mum has pathetically short hair that is just so not good looking. As far as colour go's again it kind of depends my twin dyes her brown because her natural blonde hair looks rather daft.

My OH has always preferred brunettes to blonde. He also likes long hair... both of which attributes I have. I know he loves me for a lot more than that though.

I can accept that people will always have preferences with regards to hair/eye colour etc but for the most part I don't think it boils down to that alone.

I'm "usually" attracted to darker haired men but I find facial features a lot more attractive and build (they have to be bigger than me!).

I like dark colours on women - very deep purple is a particular fave at the moment! And I like very long hair but I think colours like red and purple suit midlength better. Oh and I've always loved beautiful auburn/ginger hair! Especially on a very fair lady.

I have blonde hair myself because it's the colour that suits my skin tone and in the summer with a tan my hair colour and skin tone looks very healthy which I like :). My hair is naturally blonde and very long but I dye it a couple of shades lighter just so it looks a bit brighter and fresher :).

On men, I like cropped short hair and blonde or light brown best :) but I'm not too fussed. I love Tim Minchin's long, ginger hair but him and Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow) are the only men I like with long hair really. I don't dislike long hair on me, just prefer it short :).


I agree. I think very few men can carry off long hair.

I have red hair. Unfortunately. I want to colour it to brown, almost did it, but my OH decided to talk me off it. May still do it. Many think I have one of the most stunning hair they ever saw, some even thought its not natural colour and actually there were bets how long till they see the natural colour as the hair grows. Still I prefer brown, as it is less visible and actually red heads are often targets of bad harrassment as kids, as we are considered different and even freak. So although I like red hair on another woman, I sort of hate still mine.

I wish I could carry long hair, but allas,I cannot. I seem to suffer from headaches and aching neck when the hair gets long. I have very thick, heavy hair and I like to keep it hidden by tieing it and pinning it to my head. Which actually did stress my neck, as my neck can get blocked at times. So I decided to keep it only shoulder lenght. Still I like long hair on woman, but some look great with short as well.

I prefer shorter hair on men, but I know few guys who have long and they just look really really great!Oh and my ex was bald, so I still stick for personality mainly.

Laveila wrote:

Still I prefer brown, as it is less visible and actually red heads are often targets of bad harrassment as kids, as we are considered different and even freak. So although I like red hair on another woman, I sort of hate still mine.

I hated having red hair as a kid as I used to get bullied to some extent, plus I had the added disadvantage of being nearly 6ft tall by the age of 13/14. The height did help though as they soon shut up when you stood too close to them and asked them to repeat what they said!

I love my red hair now and wouldn't change it. It's the kind of red that goes paler as you get older or are out in the sun a long time. Nowadays I tend to get people asking me how I get my hair the colour it is and it's nice to say it's naturally that colour.

im not too pushed on hair colour, pritty face is more important