Has anyone found your sex toys

Who's every found your sex toys when you have either put them away or some one has found them in your secret place? Was it family, friends, builder etc and what was their response and yours?

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My mother in law found my latex once. Embarrassing.

What was said?

We keep ours in a locked Lovehoney toy box ! So they might find the box, but won't know what's in it !

I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but my mum does actually know I have things around, she must have been snooping one day when visiting...

My parents found my draw full of Dildos, Butt Plugs and all sorts of wonderful things. For context, I live alone in a nice little apartment a good distance away.

Whenever I have people over, I try and "tidy away" everything so that no-one will accidentally stumble upon anything they shouldn't see.

I came home from work one day and they had decided to pay a visit. They didn't say they had found anything, but I had noticed several things had been moved in virtually every one of my drawers.

We still haven't spoken about this, but in all honesty it serves them right for going through my stuff!

My MIL found my charging base still plugged in on worktop with my vibe drying by the sink. She THREW THE BASE AWAY claiming she thought it was rubbish when my partner asked if she'd seen it (jewel shaped - she'd never have guessed what it was if she hadn't seen the vibe but it was pretty obvious really).

A few things have mysteriously disappeared over the years but the penny dropped it was her after that incident. Our bedroom door is now kept locked with my toys in there and out of her clutches!

My cousin who's only a couple years younger than me found are strap on one time did not hesitate to come out holding in his hand and asked if I took it in the butt back then I came up with some BS story if situation ever happened again I'd proudly say yes and you're holding something that was in my butt

My parents found my toys once when they visited (including anal stuff). I only realised a few minutes after the event. In a classic reserved way, they didn’t comment on it and have never brought it up.

My girlfriend at the time found it hysterical. I nearly died of embarrassment inside.

Kept in a Lovehoney box, locked. No risk.

Our children have found ours (when they were much much younger, preschoolers). Once playing "light sabre battles" with 2 vibrators. The other time my son brought out a wired remote love egg, her parents were around and her father asked "should he have that". I'm sure he knew what my son had in his hands but thankfully didn't ask any further questions.

I know we are (mostly) all mortified at others discovering our private / intimate things, but, even parents have sex and are sexual beings. Toys aren't new and they probably have a collection of their own (does that thought make things better or worse?)

My little one found one that was accidentally left out, came running asking me what it is 😂

Airport security guy found my vibrator in my case. I’m sure it showed up on X-ray and they thought they would have some fun with me. I just laughed it off. It’s a boring job and I suppose an ape vet like this brightens their day 😂

Yes my mother found our collection of toy. It was in a draw in our bedroom and it had every thing in there. Butt plugs,dildos , my wife's vibrators,nipple clamps,a couple of gags and restraints. She claims that she was trying to find a hair dryer to borrow ,I think she wont be going through our draws any more.we have not said anything but now the door to our bedroom is locked

My 13 year old had a friend round. I left them for 10mins to pop to the shop. When I came back son didn’t make eye contact and friend was super chatty, a bit too much so. After he had left I found my bedside drawer open and the satin bags disturbed - I must have interrupted them. At worst they would only have had time for see a bullet, a vibrator and a glass dildo. I just reminded my son that my room was private and not somewhere to take his friends, and I said to let me know if he had any questions. We left it at that and I bought some lockable boxes but still have loads of stuff in satin bags if any of them ever feel curious!

No one... and if they have they use never said lol

I flew over to visit my gf and thought I would buy a vibrator and take it with me in my hand luggage (didn't have checked luggage), I was stopped and my bag was searched. Security removed it from my bag saw what it was and put it straight back in. When I told my gf about this she was more embarrassed than me. Lol

I still live at home and my mother has found my vibrator and dildo before. Of course I'd hidden them well (so I thought) but she must have been putting some clothes away or something and stumbled on them. I'm pretty sure she has her own too (not something to think about) so it wasn't too awkward but she didn't ask if I had started using a vibrator and I knew somebody had shifted them a little.

I told my boyfriend I used sex toys on my own but he'd never seen them and I guess he went searching as he found my dildo and asked me if that's what I used!

Nope. The two year old and us are on the top floor, children and my parents are on the middle floor. No one ventures up this far! 🤣

Even so; we have a lock on our toy drawer and some are in locked cases anyway. So they wouldn’t find a lot, maybe some lingerie I’d left out.

My response would always be ‘don’t go looking if you’re not sure you’d like what you’d find!’

Yes my cleaner decided to be helpful and put my clothing away. She stumbles across my store of various sex toys and my huge amount of cross dressing stuff. She definitely had a good look at mu wigs as they where disturbed. All the clothes she hung in the wardrobe were put behind my dresses. My underwear make underwear was mixed in with all my female underwear. Things basques bras and my latex gloves. Instead of stacking them neatly they were well mixed in. She's not meant to put them away. Just iron them. She had gone through all my draws to make sure stuff went in the right place. But moved stuff around to be clear she's seen everything. I didn't realise till she left and she didn't say anything. I haven't booked her to come round since but I'm going to have to soon.