He is leaving me!!!

Well ive been with my partner for over 10 years now, have children together, and for the past few years the bedroom department has been well..it hasnt! anyway ive just started getting my sex drive back, and its higher then ever..only thing is, he packed his bags today!

i knew it was going to happen in time. not sure what to think to be honest, i know its for the best!

i suppose im entering the world of solo satisfaction! any tips would be greatly appreciated :)


hello and welcome to the forums

sorry to hear about your break up, theyre never easy *hugs*

thanks hun. been a long time coming. hopefully ill be able to have a laugh on the forums to take my mind off things, it seems like a friendly place x

Hi Welcome

*awkward Male silence as doesn't know how to talk to people who have just broken up*

Hi Lushlush

Breaking up is never easy, but it's great to hear you say 'I know it's for the best'.

Good for you - keep positive.

You've come to the right place to be cheered up. Where else could you make new friends, browse for sexy toys etc between chitchat and all from the comfort of your own home?

You need a Doc Johnson UR3 Realistic Dildo - they're as near to the real thing as possible without all the hassle that comes with real life ones. Satisfaction guaranteed. No dirty washing to do, toilet seats to put down, extreme sports on TV etc, etc.

Does that make life without him sound any better?

Hello and welcome! :)

Very sorry to hear about your brake up It's never easy. Massive hugs! But you've come to the right place everyone is lovely here. X

Thanks everyone :) mrsdivin yes you have made me feel loads better, I'll check that dildo out ;) xxx

Hello lushlush & wellcome,

Sorry to hear of your situation & empathise (I got my T-shirt 20 years ago), but rest assured you have come to the best place to make friends, get great advice & shop for great gear till you drop!

Hi and welcome

Sorry to read about your break up *hugs*


Hello Lushlush so sorry to here about you break up, but you have made a great new start choice by joining this forum. You will get nothing but support and great advice here.

My OH has never been into vibes, but when I got this as a prezzi she has been blown away. It has never failed to get her to orgasm.

Good luck look forward to seeing more posts from you.

So sorry to hear about your break up. I hope it's not just lack of sex that has caused you to split up as that would be a shame if you had a good relationship.
Welcome to the forum. I hope you have lots of support and people who care about you to help you get through this.
Mrs A

Really sorry this has happened to you but if you can see a way to keep it Civil and carry on communicating then it will make your world an easier place to cope with.

People being rational survive break ups a whole lot better than irrational ones and it usually costs them a lot less money.

Good Luck and I know you will get fun, support and advice from this forum whenever you need it.

Really sorry to hear about your break up... I know that none of our words of comfort or compassion will take away the hurt that you've felt (even if it was something that you'd foreseen) but nonetheless, do try and keep positive about it...

There's a quote I often thought about when I went through something similar...

"Sometimes we tend to be in despair, when the person we care about leaves... but it's not our loss, it's theirs... as they left the only person in the world... who would never give up on them."

I hope it brings you some comfort too. Chin up and keep smiling as best you can. :)

Thanks everyone! Feel loads better now :)
Your all very kind and I'm grateful you have taken the time to share your compassion xxx

Glad you're feeling a little better.... It will grow in time too :)

Take care :)

Welcome, and I'm so sorry ): it must be hard after so long but don't look at it as a relationship ending, look at it as your own 'you' is just beginning!

aww thats so true, it sure is my life begining. heres to good times to come :)


I am sorry to see your partner has left, your incredibly brave to share such a fact online, and perhaps its a perfect method of moving on. The all important element, is you feel good in yourself and the recent events and choices will all be for the best, role on new and exciting times.

Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry to read about your break up.

You have chosen the right place to join as everyone here in the forum are compassionate and friendly. How are your kids taking it as it must be tough on them?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear about your break up, I agree with the others, they are never easy. The forums are full of great people who can help you through this time. Sending hugs. .