help me !!!!

how can i improve my oral technique? my casual partner wants me to give him head but im not overly confident in my technique anyone got any tips on how 2 feel more confident in myself whilst im performing and how 2 make sure he gets the maximum amount of pleasure ?

Use your hands as well as your mouth. Use your tongue to tease him. Ask him what he'd like you to do.
If you've got a toy, practice on that to try and make yourself feel more confident about it.

i agree with all above. also remember to make sure theres plenty off saliva. i have had a few bj from various girls and theres a few mistakes im gonna list for u
not too tight on the hand grip
enough saliva or it hurts
circle the rim of the hood really nice
tickle the strip of skin on the underside of the hood
cup the balls in one hand and massage really gently
confidence is good but some ov me mates like girls that act innocent.
when movin ur hand up n down his cock try turning ur hand in a curcular motion aswell. may work for him drives me nuts.
try using some chocolate/strawberry sauce gives a nice kick to it n he will like ur moans as you lap up the taste
if you do all that he never gonna leave you trust me.
any more questions mail me

I agree, although one main thing you misses out bigdave, when the foreskin has been pulled back from the head be sure to lick the rim of that, because it is often forgotten about apparently (i wouldnt know- i never forget).

And why not try taking his testickles in your mouth and humming your favourite song, he will love the vibrations...

Also try this- Im not sure if it works as I have only used it once). Get a nice bottle of bubbly, take a nice big mouthful, then take his penis in your mouth- apparently the fizzing bubbles feel great against his penis...

Good luck!!!!!

Terri86, From a bloke... There is no such thing as bad blow job.... only good ones, great ones & mind altering ones. But if in doubt, just ask HIM what he wants, ask in a sexy voice whilst down there... you'll be his fantasy!

Relax, take it slow untill your confident. keep it soft, keep it wet , keep a rythm & tease with your tongue (remember his balls). Use your hand gently (not all the time), just grip lightly & move in time will your mouth

If nothing else enjoy it. The worlds best blow job will seem medocre if the girl doesn't give off a sexy vibe like shes loving it (mmmms & eye contact are horny).

Keep it simple, keep the teeth out of the way & just enjoy it, if you do, he will. Flavour drops give you a edge, as you suck it like a lollypop.

Good girl, go get him!

Even if you don't get a kick out of it...just pretend that you absolutely love sucking his dick and there's nothing else you'd rather be doing! That slutty confidence is a massive turn on.

Also, while you have him in your mouth, make sure you look up at him and make eye contact...that's a huge turn on....and also...a lot of mmmms and ohhhs! Sounds definately add to the experience.

When you start giving him head, I would suggest you drive him crazy by not actually putting his dick in your mouth for about 2 minutes.....instead just lick him up his length with ur tongue running from the base of his dick to the tip of the head on the underside of his dick. Lick and suck his balls too. When a girl is doing all this, the only thing a guy wants is for the girl to just put it in her mouth....its the most annoying thing in the world, but the feeling of finally having the head of ur dick sucked is amazing!

Finally....if you do some research about deepthroat and manage to do that....then you're definately on to a winner.

I even found a video that is basically everything I just talked about!

Skip to 8:53 for a good couple of minutes of deepthroat action! x

My wife and I were watching a sex therapist on the TV a while ago who suggested the simplest and most effective technique was to use your hand up and down the shaft whilst using you mouth and tongue with plenty of saliva to suck and caress the head only. The two sensations working in harmony blow me away (no pun intended) and for me this method is better than intercourse. A powerful money shot is guaranteed. every time.

Flavoured lube makes for good fun I found recently.

Echoing the dont suck it for a while tip- drives the bloke crazy when I do that. Also, try flicking his banjo string with your tongue.

Might sound daft, but I find wearing something that makes me feel sexy makes everything I do ten times sexier. A gorgeous corset, or a lovely pair of pants.

I used to hate giving blow jobs, but found the best cure was just going for it. The more you do, the more you learn what works and what you feel sexy doing. And it really does differ from man to man. And I've found that if all else fails, touching yourslef while you're doing will get him hot and he'll forget all about the blowjob...

I'd listen to Crayola... she's got my vote 100%