Helpful tips for Lovehoney forum use - 2.0

Soooo! A lot of our previous tips are no longer applicable so as @Ian_Chimp suggested, here is a new tips thread.



Profile Tips

Public Profile

It’s tough to tell if your profile is hidden or not, as you can always see your own. :slightly_smiling_face: To check whether yours is visible or not, visit your Preferences/Interface page and see if the box is ticked for Hide my public profile and presence features. Though even if it’s not hidden it’s only visible to other logged in members. :+1:

Adding a flag emoji to your Location

To make it easier for people to suggest items available in your locale, it’s useful to add a flag to the Location field in your Preferences/Profile page. This shows up in your usercard, so people can see at a glance just by clicking on your username. :+1:

Bio Paragrahs

For those with long profile blurbs, you may have noticed that it seems to eat paragraph spacing. :slightly_frowning_face: However, with a bit of fiddling, I found you can use a linebreak <br>at the start of a paragraph to force them back in. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

<br> We joined the Lovehoney community a couple of years ago now, and it’s been really fantastic. :slightly_smiling_face: We were one of those couples who had fallen into a bit of a rut after our twins were born…

Extra Tip:

You can also add an extra <br> after the first line so it shows up cleanly in the mini-profile.


Hi everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

<br> We joined the Lovehoney community a couple of years ago now, and it’s been really fantastic. :slightly_smiling_face: We were one of those couples who had fallen into a bit of a rut after our twins were born…

And that will then only show the top line in the mini-profile pop-out, rather than the top line plus part of the next paragraph. :+1:

Adding Gallery or My Review links

You can add custom links to the top of your About section that will filter only your submissions to a topic (eg Lingerie Photo Uploads or My Reviews). You can find out more on how to do that in Adding Photo Gallery Links (or My Reviews)


Thank you for the tips I think I might be spending a bit more time on this thread with this new forum :joy:

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I’ve created a topic so people can have a no-pressure practice if anyone fancies a play around with the new features. :+1:


Topic List Shortcuts

When you’re on any of the topic list pages (latest/top/sex toys/etc) you can see two numbers on the right hand side of each topic. The top one is the number of replies (pink arrow), and the bottom being the rough time of the last activity/post (blue circle). If you click on the top number of replies one you can choose to go straight to the start or end of that topic. And if you click on the time one it takes you straight to the last post. :+1:

The number of replies can also be a different colour based on how popular the topic is (likes, views, links to, etc).

You can also pin/unpin a featured topic from this view using the little drawing pin icon (orange circle).


If like me your looking for posts by a specific user, for example @Lovehoney_Brenna to see what fun might be in-store for us. The quickest way I have found of doing this is:

  1. Locate a post authored by the user in question.
  2. Tap in their profile picture (Avatar) to view the profile card.
  3. Tap again on the picture here to view the full profile
  4. Where you see Summary, tap the bar and change to activity
  5. You’ll see a list of posts in descending date order, most recent first.

Hope that helps someone.


Or you can pop @Lovehoney_Brenna in the search, and order the results by latest. :+1: This shows a list of the latest topics she’s posted in.

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Thanks @Ian_Chimp, I was just finding that a bit tedious, I’m lazy and hate typing (too many opportunities for a typo!) :smiley:

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May I say that all these tips are being most helpful ! :smile:


Filter Posts by User

This one is an extra feature of the Usercard (the mini-profile pop-up):

If you click on a member’s profile picture in a topic it’ll bring up their usercard (if it’s not Hidden), and if that member has posted multiple times on that topic there’ll be a count of how many in a grey box under the profile picture. If you have your eyes set to ‘see’ (mine were not :slightly_smiling_face:) then you may spot that there’s a ‘filter’ symbol next to the total. So, if you click on that box it’ll show you a truncated version of the conversation, made up of only that user’s contributions. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Watching First Post

This is a good tip for the #testers category, so you don’t miss out any new tester topics. :+1:

If you set the category to ‘Watching First Post’, you’ll get a notification every time a new Topic is created in that category (including all the Secret Testers :shushing_face:). :+1::slightly_smiling_face: You can do this by clicking on #testers, and changing the bell icon into the bell with a one in it:


Thanks for the useful tip @Ian_Chimp, unpinning some of the topics makes things look a lot tidier :+1:

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Hello! I don’t know whether this will have already been asked or discussed, but I was just wondering if there was a way to view all your reviews like you could on the old forum by looking at your page as others saw it? I haven’t yet been able to figure it out! Thank you!

@Ian_Chimp It is- thank you so very much for the help! Everyone on the forum can always rely on you for assistance haha

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So much new stuff to learn. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it and maybe it will encourage to use the forums more frequently again.


I had used horizontal lines and bullet points… now I have breaks between my bullet points.

Much more pleasing, don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before, thanks :+1:


Actually for the last few days you should have been able to… can you not?


Yay! I can see it @Peitho :two_hearts:

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I thought it was probably about time, I did edit the content a bit before going public and I will stick to pictures of Cerberus and my nails when they have pretty coats on but I thought I should present a little more to a community I am very fond of.

I have however derailed this topic more than i intended to. Apologies.


We’re in a trial run of being able to use Lovehoney product photos and website images across all the categories (so not just the dedicated #your-photos, moderater-approved area), so I thought I’d write up a tip on how best to grab them and use them. :+1:

I’m using Chrome on Android, so you may need to tweak some of this depending on what device you’re using.

First off, go to a product page. If you can right click/long press on the main photo you can simply copy the image (not the link address) and paste that into your reply window. That should automatically upload it. :+1:

If, like me, all it does it zoom in on the image then you can long press on the thumbnail below it and open in new tab (not ‘open image in new tab’). Then flip to that tab and long press on the photo to copy image. Then paste that into your reply window as above.

Once in it should look a little like this:


If you flip to Preview you can adjust the scaling to either 100%, 75%, or 50%, which is nifty, but it does obscure the image a little in the Preview window.

![image|500x500, 50%](upload://pyiagIG4Y7RZpL59ObUUh5LERNk.jpeg)

For a deeper dive, there’s a few bits you can change manually. The image name is ‘image’ here, but you can edit that to whatever you like. And the 500x500 is the size. I’ve been using 250x250 for a big one, and 150x150 ish for a side-by-side (I’m mobile biased :slightly_smiling_face:). So, after changing it, it’d look something like this:

![Bathmate HYDROMAX7 |250x250](upload://pyiagIG4Y7RZpL59ObUUh5LERNk.jpeg)

And for the side-by-side you put two cheek to cheek, with no space inbetween:

![Bathmate HYDROMAX7 |150x150](upload://pyiagIG4Y7RZpL59ObUUh5LERNk.jpeg)![Bathmate HYDROMAX7 |150x150](upload://pyiagIG4Y7RZpL59ObUUh5LERNk.jpeg)

And there you have it. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: