How can I give my man good fore play ?

I need good tips on how I can make him feel good I'm so rubbish at foreplay I try my best to avoid it 🙊

...greedy I know

It's a really hard question to answer because every man is different - I might have tried a certain move with my ex and drove him wild, and you might try it on your man and find he hates it. Really, the best way to find out what he'd truly love you to do is to just ask him. Communication is fundamental.

For me, foreplay is anything that happens before sex that gets your engine revving. So if you get home and spend five minutes kissing and fondling him before getting down to business, that's foreplay. If you're at a party, and you quickly whisper in his ear what you're going to do to him when you get home, then leave him eagerly anticipating it for the rest of the night while he socialises and tries to act calm and present... that's foreplay too. There's no rules. So, if by "I'm rubbish at foreplay" you mean that you simply don't like going down on him before having sex (or some similar act), just remember that you aren't stuck with that one option. Don't put foreplay in a box - the possibilities are endless.

Gosh, I agree with Cutie

The question is diverse, as forplay is an art form all of its own Depends on what you and yur OH prfrences/likes are.

Touch is very important, maybe, some sexy words whispered in their ear, kissing, kissing and even more kissing, stroking caressing, gentle biting. Add some euphorics if you want. Music, candles, wine etc etc.

Its important that you feel good and not worry too much. If you want something more kinky/naughty, you could always introduce toys. Blndfold, works well, heightens the senses. Maybe a vibrator.

You say you try and avid forplay, is that because you dont like intimacy and being touced or are you worried you will do something wrong/concerned about performance. If such is the case, talk to your OH about how you feel and ask what they would like, see if you can meet one anther in the middle?

Cutie is right. Every man is different. I like leaving my partner with her toys for a while or walking in on her pleasuring herself. I also like it when she pulls my trousers down and starts going down on me. Even teasing licks are nice.

Sometimes her just grabbing me gets me going.

LOL @ Reapeat until pounced on. TOTALLY agree ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

Repeat till pounced on works for me! I find telling hubby I'm wearing something sexy under my clothes puts him in the mood, or a back rub. To be honest, my hubby doesn't like too much foreplay for him, it gets him too excited.

Porn can play a good part in foreplay :) find something you both like to see, watch it together, enjoy it! Get turned on together!

Oh dear lol

We've talked but in all honesty teasing with words and kissing seems to have more effect than say... Tossing (which I detest and the look on his face doesn't really suggest it's worth the energy) I suppose he's typical male.

Wants a blow job and that's about it, I am a very sensual person, I touch, bite, nip, kiss, wriggle you name it.

Thinking about it after ready a lot of these forum posts he just normally wants to rush in all guns blazing perhaps the problem, as I feel anything I do doesn't please him as much as it should if it were the opposite way round.

Turn up in sexy lingerie? I think that'd just do it for me.

A lot of very good responses here, and I agree across the board. A common theme in just about all of my posts to similar issues, is communication and honesty. For a long time I didn't want to admit to myself or my wife some of the things that I liked / wanted, for fear of coming off as weird or turning her off (more specifically towards anal play). I found that after we were able to break the ice in regards to our need for honesty, and the fact that there is no topic that is off limits (her specific words to me were "I love you and you should never feel ashamed or worried") I felt more comfortable talking / directing / requesting before, during and after sex.
My point is, yes you need to talk about what both of you want, or don't want and get on the same page but part of that conversation needs to be specific to the fact that he, or you for that matter, should never hold back what you feel or desire for fear of judgement. It only creates issues down the road. Talking in this way took our relationship in and out of the bedroom to new levels and it gets better every day.

Ehh ever thought of tying your other half down, or in a chair, Tell them they need to let you do anything you want to them for 15 minutes...see how that works. ![](upload://rA41UoqYzU9yrgGiJUyzuRc98GV.gif)