How do you approach the idea of swinging with OH?


Just wondered if anyone has ever had to suggest the idea of swinging to their OH and how they went about it? I'd love to get into it but not sure what reaction I'd get if I just blurted it out!!!

We invited a male friend over who is good with a camera and ended up having a threesome. A little while after, his GF came along too and one thing led to another....... It wasn't really planned, it just kind of evolved in the heat of the moment. Now we prefer 4s to 3s. We have never joined a club, we just keep it in house once in a while. OH

I'm in the same boat Highlander74, my OH used to be into swinging but he isn't now, but I want to try it. I broached the subject by talking dirty and then I did actually pretty much blurt it out!! You could try showing your OH some porn involving people in a sex party, and seeing their reaction??

My wife once told me she came very close to a ff encounter many years ago but they were both drunk and it never went any further. She's never intimated she'd like to try again though! She does however go along with all my kinks when I take the lead so not sure. It's a bit 50/50 although if it's a no it could be quite awkward for a while!!

You won't know until you ask though... my motto is, life's too short! If she say no you could always just laugh it off, and pretend you were joking! Though she'l probably know you aren't! 😉

Thanks sexybabe. You're right. I am planning a kinky weekend. I have ordered a ton of stuff from LH including some sexy lingerie for her and going to introduce her to some light bondage so think I'll just throw it out there once she's exhausted from all her orgasms 😁😁

Great idea! If my OH arranged a weekend like that for me; I'd agree to anything!!

I'll let you know how it goes. If she says yes you and your OH welcome to be our first "guests"!!! 😁😁

I'd like to share my interest with my partner but where is a good place to fine a 3rd?

In fact might make just go for it and suggest pegging as well while I'm at it!!

Steamrails good point. If my OH agrees to it then I suppose it would be a case of joining some sort of swinging website as there's no clubs where we are.

We should start our own stingers thread/group if we are allowed, to find local "friends" 😉

If my OH told me he wanted us to swing, I would be hurt, since I don't want to share him or be shared myself. There is a possibility that your wife will feel the same and won't be very happy when you put your idea forward.

You have to tell her carefully. If she says no, don't pester her until she says yes. Respect her decision. Not all people want their partners to be shared. I wouldn't recommend telling her after sex because it might make her feel forced to say yes even though she's not into the idea.

Sharing contact details on here is not allowed. Therefore you can't find local friends on here.

I'd approach very carefully, you have the best idea of how your partner will react. Don't just say something along the lines of hey, shall we find another man/woman/group/harum to join us in bed...

Gently suggest the issue and explain why, they may feel uncomfortable, that you are not happy or satisfied or, even rejected. Accept their decision, don't revisit once a decision is made.

If its a yes don't get obsessed, go at your own pace and don't let anyone - yourselves included - talk you into doing anything you are not comfortable with, I'd even go as far as personal grooming there, there are people out there who stipulated fully shaved, no beards, slim bodies only etc, personally I wouldn't entertain someone that narrow in an intimate situation.

Whatever happens be careful, and respect everyone you encounter.

You could always suggest simulating a threesome with a suction base dildo and see from her reaction if it is something that turns her on and go from there.

Highlander74 there's a swingers website, my OH used to be on it. That's a good way to meet people as everyone is on there for the same reason 👍🏼