How long do you peg for??

Hi all.

So ive read through a lot of the old threads on here and the guides, however there is still one question that i would be interested to know your answer for. How long do you peg for? I know this sounds really stupid but me and the OH are really unsure.

We have recently brought a strap on to use on me, this was a joint decision. We have tried a few plugs and fingers 'up there' in the past and i really enjoyed it, esp combined with a hand or BJ at the same time. My oh is really excited by it as shes been looking at a way to become more in control in the bedroom. Win win really :)

Like i said, we are a bit unsure about how long to peg for.. Do guys actually find they orgasm through pegging alone?

Thanks all

It's subjective and personal. It's entirely down to what is comfortable to you.

Some guys can orgasm through anal stimulation, some don't, and will usually want stimulation elsewhere - but everyone is different and has their own preferences.

Thanks, thats what i figured. For some reason i have this horrible imagine in my head of my oh just looking at her watch while shes pegging me, waiting for me to orgasm which might not happen. Ive never orgasmed from anal toys but like i said, ive never tried a strap on before

I haven't cum from being pegged alone.

Although I find it very arousing & my wife can milk my prostate with our strap-on, she usually plays with my cock until I cum.

Regarding time, I don't know, I don't think it's that long - pegging it usually done after a lot of foreplay so I don't last very long. Once I've cum we've always stop.

Hope this helps?

That helps a lot thanks, as i mentioned this is our first time attempting pegging so we are both quite nervous. Think we will defo have lots of foreplay before hand (and a few drinks lol), not to mention quite a bit of lube. I think my OH wants to wear the strap on throughout our foreplay so hopefully we will be a bit more comfortable when she umm enters (?) haha.

Do you do it doggy style so that your wife can play with your cock at the same time?


Definitely use lube, lots of !!!!!

Doggy style is easier for her to play with my cock, but it's also possible when on your back- pillows under my bum & OH kneeling or my bum close to edge of bed & OH standing (we have a high iron bed, which helps).

Our strap-on is attached to knickers/pant with an internal dildo for her (see my reviews). The pegging dildo has a slight bend in the tip to help stimulate the prostate so this obviously only works well when I'm on my back.

Hope this helps & have fun !!!!

To be honest, simply until I cum or I've been milked, can take 5 minutes or 15 minutes but normally it results in me being milked but occasionally I have cum due to lots of foreplay!

Thanks all, just getting everything ready for the OH when she comes later. Shes headed to the gym for a little bit of a swim. Cant wait for her to come home now (the naughty sexting doesnt help). Everything laid out the bed ready (strap on, vibs, and some bondage bits and bobs),

will take all the advice above onboard. Thank you, you lovely helpful people.

Now to pass time on LH forums until she gets back...

Wasgonna say we normally go for it for as long as gf wants or until i cum. Sometimes i wear a cockcage, CB6000 to be exact, that makes the fun last a bit longer tho.