How long does items in the basket last?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how long items in the basket lasts? I’m not sure if this is the right topic to put this under. I’m wanting to place quite a big order tomorrow and I was wanting to get my basket ready so all I have to do is checkout with my items perfectly set up. I did this with Amazon once which was a huge mistake because when I went on there to checkout the following morning everything was gone and I had to find it all again which was a nightmare. I don’t want the same thing to happen again with Lovehoney.

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Mine seems to be quite sticky, and things will stay in there forever. Though other people have had some issues with it:

It may be worth a test with a few items to see which camp you fall into. :+1:


in my experience items tend to stay in my basket as long as I dont delete the cookies from my Mac, or pc.

They seem to stay in my basket for a while although they don’t tend to stay there for more than 24hrs because I’ve bought them by that point! As long as you are signed in you should be ok- they will disappear if you’re not signed in though. It’s probably worth saving them in your “saved items” as well as leaving them in your basket so that you can find them quickly if they do disappear!

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If I’m going to leave items in a basket somewhere, I tend to screenshot it so that I have a record. Lost too many items here and elsewhere like this.

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If i add things to my basket before i log in, it seems to scub my existing basket. Made the mistake of doing this the otherday :roll_eyes: very annoying

I generally keep them in my favourites list until I’m ready to move them to the basket?

I find they stay in there if I put them in whilst I’m logged into my account.