How much sex is normal?

I’m new to this!! So here it goes, me and the Mr have been together 12 years.. we have a very active sex life when speaking to friends it’s seems we are not the norm so my question? What’s your magic number in a week?

As many times as possible 😂 no usually it ends up being once a day just purely because of the kids being awake all hours of the day but I’d love it to be more!

Very interesting question... Everyone will of course say there is no normal... But like you we joke with friends who are mainly married with 2 or 3 kids and say, we don't get it often haha etc.... Some of our friends, male, have then confessed it's a miracle if they get any.... Regularly... For us, married with two kids... 5 and 8.. Its generally once every 2 to 3 days works best for us unless the period is in... Then it's around 4 days....

So it’s seems for once I’m normal!! The most we go is 2 days, even though we have been together a long time! We try different things all the time so it doesn’t get boring. My hub says that a lot of blokes at work most they get at birthdays and Xmas 😂

I wouldn’t say you are not normal but that’s cause it sounds like you are much like us. We have sex nearly everyday and sometimes twice a day but that’s quite tame compared to some others on this forum, and good on them. It can be difficult with a child in the house but you make do with the time you have. Most people I know do not have much of a sex life, so I know what you mean one friend that I know has absolutely no sex life after having their first child. His wife just has lost her libido from what I understand, and the others have very little as time has gone on, so I’ve always felt like we have enough, but more is always better right? 😊

I should add the odd “too knackered” and period day gaps here and there, the latter is sporadic only because the mrs doesn’t particularly find it comfortable cause she thinks I’m grossed out, but most of the time she’s too horny to care herself. Too be honest I hardly care for the mess and call me weird but I love it, plus it’s a great opportunity to “fill her up” and no condoms 🙌

So for the last few years since having a severely poorly 2nd child who was hospitalised for months and months then didn’t sleep through the night until almost 2 years ago (and still doesn’t sleep every night) we were at very very mist once a month and I think I’m being generous there!

we then went 6 months with only having sex twice (and that was in the last 6 weeks) a group of girl friends who get together monthly used to laugh that all of us bar 1 were similar and the ‘odd one out’ would tell us we were strange that she and her husband had sex daily and usually 2 or 3 times. I felt so ashamed. She warned us that how could we keep our partners happy etc we all had our reasons etc but I did feel like my partner was getting the worst deal! She told us that if we didn’t keep them happy then they would look else where. My hubby was horrified when I relayed the conversation and assured me that would never happen!

fast forward 18 months or so and we’ve revamped our sex life with the help of LH, (12 months or so later I found out he had been having an online emotional affair - never met etc) it gave us a massive shake up and why I didn’t want him to touch me for a while we then went through what is apparently called hysterical bonding - we probably had more sex in 6 weeks than we did in the last 10 years (been together 17 years but had a fair amount of tragedy sadly which hasn’t helped) it has slowed down but has continued to be on average around 10-14 times a week. (Although we’ve not for a good few days for one reason and another and I’m feeling frustrated and I was showing him the LH YouTube and particularly the womanizer and he was like I just want to suck your clit now. - kicking myself for not saying go on then lol!

Interesting question. I would definately say there is no normal amount. My partner and I have been together for 12 years and have always considered ourselvs to have a healthy sex life. Having 2 young kids puts a dampner on things but we've always had sex every day. I would say at least twice a day but normally 4 times plus.

The word normal is such a difficult word, because no particular amount is normal.

My husband and I have it at least once every day (often more if we get a chance).

I would suggest Married37 that you have an above average amount too. :-)

Me and my boyfriend (4 months together) have sex usually twice a day. That’s our normal, I don’t think anyone should have to say what’s normal and what isn’t. It’s whatever you want to do and what you’re both comfortable with ☺️

Fun and Funky, our relationship has gone through a similar trauma, I think we are more in sync than ever x

When speaking to the doc a while ago 1 or 2 times a week is classed as "normal"

Ha! Sounds like the ideal would be to add up all the times LH members have sex and divide it by the number of couples on here! Then maybe everyone would be getting a “normal” amount of sex ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Sadly as you may have seen on my other posts, I’m in the once or twice a month at best category due to lots of the reasons mentioned here. I’m working on improving that though!!

Well our normal is every other day....normally in the morning before we get out of bed. Then on top of this the wife might have a play session once a week with her BIG toys.

How long is a piece of string ?

Its really between yourselves as to what you think is normal .

mysteron wrote:

How long is a piece of string ?

Its really between yourselves as to what you think is normal .

+1 from me on this one, if a couple are happy 😊 with the times they have sex then this is their normal. Just enjoy sex when you can.

My fabulous wife and I make love everyday sometimes twice or more. It is worse now that we are pregnant again. We are expecting another set of twins.

Through my almost 50 years and 3 long lasting relationships, "normal" has varied from threetimes a day to twice a year and everything in between. Normal is there's no norm, there's circumstances.

We’re usually every few days! Usually led by me, minimum 3 Times a week

Normal is however much sex you want , have time for and how you both are feeling . Thirty plus years ago I would say we were lucky if we had sex six times in a month , After son moved out we probably averaged three or four times a week . As my wife’s disabilties got worse I am lucky to have copulation sex every six months . Enjoy having sex , you never know when might be your last time . Her drive has diminished and mine is as high as ever , luck of the draw .