How safe do you think it would be to get naughty on a train?

Ive never ever been on a train in my life,ive seen videos of people getting naughty on a train

But i would be a bit nervous of someone catching us,would you ever try it on a train?

Im not saying sex on a train no wayyyy

But maybe a handjob bit of fingering and some flashing to each other

I've had sex in some extremely naughty and risky places, one of the riskiest being at Alton Towers... several times in different places! LOL.

I've never done it on a train, but I'd love to. I know someone that's masturbated in a train toilet, so I can't see why you couldn't have sex in a train toilet, no different to on a plane and people do that!!

If you're talking handjobs and fingering, there's nothing stopping you sitting with a table in front of you, with coats on your laps or something... let us all know how you get on!!

Blimey sex at Alton Towers now that is risky i like your style lol

Sex in the toilet doesn't really appeal to us as its not really risky we have done it before,the only really exciting bit about that is trying to keep the noise down lol

But you have had a good idea about handjobs and fingering having a big coat over our laps is a very good idea which will make it easier to do

Saying that having a coat over our laps on a bus would be good aswell

I would like to do that in a certan coffee shop we go to,we allways sit in the corner of the coffee shop,that would be really daring and risky

Back seat of a bus is always popular. Sitting on his lap in a skirt. A few people can probably guess what you're doing but it could be a laugh.

My gf once had a coat over my lap and her hand down my boxers while i was trying to talk to her friend across the table who id met about an hour before. You have no idea how much concentration is required to discuss politics while recieving a sly handjob

Bent over a fallen tree trunk in the middle of a forest clearing, with OA members rustling in the undergrowth !!!

tallboy's a dogger!

Must admit, I've always had the sex outside fantasy. I blame my first proper boyfriend... lol

jezzer - it was somewhat risky. First time was in the castle up in one of the turrets that you have to climb a spiral staircase to get to, so we'd have known if anyone was coming.

Second time, in some bushes in the gardens, what we didn't realise was we were right under the cable car line, oops!!

Third time back in the trusty castle in one of the parapet things on the outside wall, it was ace. He did me from behind and I looked out of the window slit and watched hundreds of people walking past!! Turn on or what?

Gotta love risky outdoor sex :)

Now that turns me on...Roll on the summer alton towers time lol

Thanks creative now i know where we can go lol

hi aged fifteen i went on a school trip to london with my boyfriend of two years still a virgin !!! we had a lot of heavy petting on a train wich envolved five fingers and a lot of kissing it was very exiting at the time as we nearly got cought and people were sitting opposite we had a coat over us at the time and the teachers were about im 34 now and it was fun at the time thats my only train insadent

Come outside hun the stars are fabbie, Mrs T steps out and junior found his way straight up her arse... Gwydyrr Castle forecourt North Wales- 2005!!

Hi Puss

Now why wasn't i at your school lol would of love being that guy,if not that guy would of loved catching you out....

Well the train idea does sound good and as ive never been on one i think its a good place to try it

You need to go on a short trip on one of the old steam trains. Often the carriages are the ones you can only get into from the platform. If you get carriage to yourself, then the sex is great fun and nobody can surprise you. (Or is that the turn on!LOL)

I like rubbing my thighs "accidentally" into my boyfriend's thighs/crotch on the Tube, or flashing him. And I've done handjobs (even blow jobs, later at night) on the train before. It's fun! I just try not to make anyone else uncomfortable with it- I like the risk of getting caught, but without the unpleasant feeling that I'm making someone else uncomfortable with my kinks.

ive had sex on a train but it was really early in the morning back from the airport and we'd managed to sneak into first class without anyone checking so got the huuuuuuge posh toilet that had a rail round it :) before we made it to the toilet we were in the quiet carriage which was deserted apart from an old guy reading a paper at the other end!I worked my guy up a bit before he snuck under the table to return the favour and give me a full-blown (Although very quiet) orgasm right in the carriage :)now i just have to say the word train to him and he gets hard lol

Dont try tube sex hahahahaha, oh god them things stop every 2mins ;s

I have masturbated on a train a couple of times, i used to have a very long and boring comute to and from work... was fun and thrilling...

I know friends who have done handjobs/blowjobs on long coach journey's...

I have never really been very in to doing the outside thing with another person... The train incident was a need after a very horny day of flirting with my then boss... email is a dangerous tool!

The best one i've done, I was on a working trip in usa, staying in new york, be for st.patrick's day we went down to new jersey for the weekend, and I meet this girl and she wanted to come back with us to new york and ended up doing it in the back of pick truck doing 55 mph on the freeway at night..

crayola wrote:

Back seat of a bus is always popular.

Isn't that the truth! Had a nice bit of mutual masturbation on a bus the my ex's once....that and on a footbridge at a train station. She was quite dirty! Ha!

A friend of mine has just been to Alton Towers, I'll have to check what she got up to now..... ;)

We have had sex on a train, it was after a rather boozy day out in a nearby city. Usually we would drive, but because we wanted a change we took the train.

After a pleasant afternoon drinking and sitting in the sun we caught the train home. We were lucky that it was fairly quiet but not empty. We were both feeling horny and we sat near the toilet, after the guard had checked our tickets we could hold out no longer.

We disappeared into the toilet ensuring the door was locked, the OH took off her panties and was facing the window, I lifted her summer dress and entered her from behind, it is the only way we can have comfortable sex stood up.

We were really going for it, when we noticed that we were approaching our stop, we never quite got to cumming before our stop was announced and we needed to alter our clothing and got off the train.

Would love to repeat the experience.