How to build a sex room on Netflix

Anyone else watched the new series on Netflix? Dreaming of your new sex room? Any tidbits going to be input in your house? What are your thoughts on the series?

Spoiler alert For me, I really liked the secret swinging bookshelf into the room, keeps it nice and secrety :wink:

Interesting tidbit, being from the states, I noticed that all of the cut shots are from Denver, CO and I was interested to see that most if not all of the episodes were from there.


I am definitely going to watch it but with insane working hours at the moment I haven’t had time yet, however… there is already a How to build a sex room on Netflix topic :+1:t2:


We loved it. Our favorite was the poly familys room. Just wish i had the room to get creative.

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I saw an episode and thought how funny they’ve got a really British lady doing the rooms haha :joy:

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Oh no, thanks for the notification! @Lovehoney_Brenna, would you be willing to merge?


Difficult to find. Found one online that is advertised ‘as seen on Netflix’, but it was $1700. Id love one but thats a bit steep. Are you enjoying yours?

Hmm yes but it does end up as a clothes rack at times

Started watching this as well. I really haven’t liked any of the interiors so far but I do like the room that the designer does her diary room moment from.

I found it weird when the first couple said they were into anal and then the designer was like “what do you think about butt plugs?!?” whilst bringing one out from her giant bag. We’ve just been through this! They like it!

Has been good for some conversations though! Will see how the rest of the series goes though

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Anal sex and using a plug are very different :man_shrugging:t2: its probably best in her profession not to assume.

I was about to make a post regarding this when the auto-search deal directed me here.

We watched every episode in one day! OH seemed reluctant, at first, by the end of series it opened up communication between us and she expressed many things that she wanted to try! FIVE Love Honey orders later…we are talking about converting our home office room to a sex room.


We started watching this about a month ago and it’s really opened a few doors for us. As @mrssaffa said to me in another thread: Melanie Rose has a lot to answer for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:

Such a good series, I hope they do a second season to be honest.

Of course, having watched it with Sexterminatrix, she now wants one yesterday… :wink:

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spouse and I loved it too. Definitely gave us ideas and good conversations.

I too hope for a season 2

We really really enjoy it

Nearly got a liberator chaise from LH but it’s sadly too big for our house (currently…)

Settled with the wedge set from them however and it’s amazing!