How to tell if ......

`ello people, just wondering if someone can offer me some advice.

I`ve been fancing this guy at work for quite a while now. Every time I see him my stomach does a somersault, when he says hello I go weak at the knees and my mouth dries up.

He`s not the usual kinda guy that I find myself attracted to, I usually go for clean shaven, short hair kinda smartly dressed, but he`s the total opposite - shoulder length hair with a greying streak, loads of stubble, quite scruffily drerssed, but he has AMAZING blue-grey eyes and a wicked smile.

We`ve usually encountered each other in the corridors at work, and on a few occasions he has winked at me. I`m married and I know he is in a relationship too, but what I`d really like to know is how do I know that he`s just being friendly or if he fancies me too??

Feeling a tad confuddled