How to use a Spreader Bar

Hey guys, my boyfriend and I have just bought a spreader bar and we can't wait to use it! I was just wondering though, how I should use it on him? I searched for a position guide etc but can't seem to find anything much useful and I really want to dominate him with it and put him in all sorts of positions. We like pegging, anal play, everything etc so anything that helps with that is great.

Oh and I should say we have rope, cuffs etc to use with the spreader bar as well if necessary.

Thanks guys.

The one thing we found using ours, with my wife "spread" is standing or bent over something worked best, we tried penetration in the position shown on our avi but found my shins are led directly on the bar, not comfortable. We usually use it in a laid down position with other restraints so either of us can be pleasured by the other, with full on 'sex" use as an occasional "treat"

Hope this helps, oh and enjoy!

The way we intend using one is to truss my OH to the door with a door jam kit and then apply the spreader bar so she is totally vulnerable to my teasing.

Bum in the air with the hands connected to the middle of the bar. You become seriously exposed and vulnerable!

We have used in conjunction with an underbed restraint system, to properly restrict the range of movements; this is good for a spot of tease and denial or sensation type play.

It's also good to explore some predicament type bondage or humilaition - making tasks difficult to complete, and you can attach forfeits or punishments to incomplete tasks, this can actually be a lot of fun depending upon how you want to play it.

You could put the bar behind teh leg of a bed or chair or similar and then attach to ankles, to severely restrict the movement of the person

Use doesn't have to be restricted to legs - try upper arms with bar behind back, for some posture correction, this is also interesting if indulging in some thorough spanking as it physically restricts the persons ability to double over/flinch etc.

You could also join leg to arm, again for some predicament type stuff...

Could you put a pillow under his bum and hold his feet over his head leaving him totally exposed for spanking and pegging?