Hybrid lube

Is hybrid lube ok to use on a silicone dildo? I've never used a lube that is both silicone based and water based and I'm not sure if it's ok to use on a silicone dildo so any advice would be much appreciated :)

Hmm I don't think you could use it with the silicone dildo since it still contains a bit silicone lube. I think everything you use with silicone toys have to be completely free from silicone. But this is just a guess :)

They ( LH) advise waterbased lubricants only with Silicone toys.

Any amount of silicone lube with degrade the silicone of the toy.

I wouldn't risk it. Silicone lube destroyed loads of my toys once. Now I store it far far away.

What lube is it?

Liquid Silk, for example, has such a low silicone content (something like 2% if memory serves) it's generally classed as water based lube and people report no problems with high quality silicone toys. We've used it with many with no problems. From the Lovehoney FAQ:

'What is silk lube?

Some lubricants, like http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=7163, are referred to as silk or hybrid lubes. This means that they're technically a mix between water-based and silicone, but the silicone content is low enough that it's fine for use with silicone toys. The advantage of a hybrid lube is that it tends to be more long-lasting than one that is purely water-based.'

On the other hand, there this lube:


Which has 12% silicone and comes with a warning not to use with silicone toys. Clearly doesn't fall under the category of having a low enough silicone content.

I don't think there's a one size fits all approach to hybrid lubes and silicone toys. If you really want to try, do a patch test somewhere around the base.

I would stick to using it on glass/metal, wouldn't want to risk damaging a siicone toy!

Unless I am mistaken I don't think the degrading of the silicon will show instantly. It has to be left for a period .

I inadvertantly destroyed a stroker by using a hybrid lube but it finally perrished after about half a dozen uses .Lucky for me it was only a basics "cheapie" .

It's MEO Mancunt lube. I decided to use it on a glass toy instead because initally I was going to put it on a silicone dildo but I would have literally cried if it destroyed my favourite one